‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Spinoff Lands At CW, HBO Max

The CW and HBO Max have jointly acquired Wellington Paranormal, a spinoff of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s 2014 vampire mockumentary (which has also spawned FX’s series What We Do in the Shadows). The show is the first joint acquisition by the two outlets; HBO Max parent company WarnerMedia jointly owns The CW with ViacomCBS.

HBO Max Takes In $80M In Upfront For Ad-Supported Option

AT&T’s HBO Max says it already has $80 million in upfront advertising commitments for a planned launch of its advertising option in June. Speaking at its AT&T investor day on Friday, Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia, added that HBO Max profit margins and revenue continue to climb. “We believe we are already the No. 1 revenue-generating stand-alone subscription video-on-demand service in the U.S.” he says. “We earn 90% in margin from each retail subscriber that we add.”

AT&T To Launch Ad-Supported HBO Max In June

AT&T has set June for the launch of its ad-supported HBO Max option. The WarnerMedia parent company also updated its subscriber forecasts. They’re now much higher. The company now expects 120-150 million worldwide HBO Max and HBO subscribers by the end of 2025.

‘Sex And The City’ Gets HD Remastering For HBO Max

‘Search Party’ Renewed For Season 5 At HBO Max

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Has Huge Streaming Debut

WarnerMedia has touted the performance of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max, albeit without any hard viewing numbers. Now Nielsen has put some data behind the claims: The ratings service says the movie racked up huge audiences on its opening weekend, becoming the biggest feature film in Nielsen’s rankings — and one of the biggest streaming titles of any kind since Nielsen launched its streaming measurement.

HBO Max Wins Biggest Share Of New 4Q Streaming Subscribers

AT&T’s HBO Max, which got off to a sputtering start, drew the largest share of new streaming subscribers in the fourth quarter, according to Kantar’s Entertainment on Demand Service. Kantar estimates that the number of SVOD subscriptions reached 233 million by the end of December, with the average home having 3.5 streaming video subscriptions, up from 3.1 at the start of 2020.

HBO Max Extends 22% Off Promotion

With AT&T and WarnerMedia anxious to goose subscriber growth, the deal that delivers the streaming service for $11.66 a month has been extended to March 1.

‘Sex And The City’ Revived At HBO Max

The new, 10-episode chapter from Michael Patrick King will feature Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon all reprising their roles.

‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ After Strong Bow On HBO Max, Gets Fast-Tracked Sequel

Wonder Woman is due for yet another spin, following the Gal Gadot-led film sequel’s solid performance both at the traditional (yet not) box office and with its simultaneous release on HBO Max. Warner Bros. Pictures announced on Sunday that it has fast-tracked development on a follow-up to Wonder Woman 1984, which will be written by franchise vet Patty Jenkins (left), who is again attached to direct.

HBO Max Streaming Lynda Carter’s ‘Wonder Woman’ 1970s TV Series Ahead Of ‘WW84’ Premiere

‘The Flight Attendant’ Renewed At HBO Max

The day after The Flight Attendant season finale premiered on HBO Max, the streaming service announced Friday it was renewing the Kaley Cuoco-starring series, which appears to be one of the nascent streaming service’s first-word-of-mouth hits. The stylish, eight-episode dramedy thriller premiered to strong reviews on Nov. 26, and ended its first season by tying up its central mystery, while also setting the table for further adventures for its lead character, Cassie Bowden (Cuoco).

HBO Max Finally Agrees To Deal With Roku Ahead Of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Debut

At long last, HBO Max will finally be on Roku beginning Thursday. The long-awaited deal comes nine days before Wonder Woman 1984 drops on the streaming service. Roku users will be able to download HBO Max from the Roku channel store and subscribe directly on their Roku device to access all of HBO Max.

Comcast Adds HBO Max To Set-Tops

AT&T Chief Defends HBO Max Movie Strategy

AT&T CEO John Stankey asserted Tuesday that the release of Warner Bros.’s full 2021 movie slate on HBO Max and in theaters at the same time will be a “win-win-win” — for WarnerMedia, consumers and partners. Stankey acknowledged the backlash AT&T and WarnerMedia have faced from theater owners and others, including vitriol from filmmaker Christopher Nolan.


HBO Max And The Movie Window Shutdown

Analyst Alan Wolk ponders what happens now to WarnerMedia’s big streaming service. To its long-awaited Roku deal? And those poor cinema chains?

Conan Ending TBS Show, Lands HBO Max Weekly Gig

Conan O’Brien will end his late-night series Conan on TBS next year, but he’s not leaving the WarnerMedia family. He will then launch a new weekly variety series on HBO Max. Conan will end in June of 2021.

HBO Max Finally Coming To Amazon Fire TV

After a long battle between Amazon and HBO owner WarnerMedia, the two companies have come to an agreement that will allow Amazon Fire TV users to finally stream HBO Max. starting on Nov. 17, people with Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, Fire TV Edition smart TVs and Fire tablets can load HBO Max directly on those devices.

HBO Max Called Out For Donation To Evangelical Group

‘Friends’ Reunion Set To Shoot in Early 2021

The year 2021 could be The One With the Friends Reunion Special. Matthew Perry tweeted Thursday that the HBO Max special, which has been delayed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, is set to film in March. That would likely put the show on track to air in the spring.

AT&T CEO Blasts Amazon, Roku ‘Bottlenecks’

AT&T is nearly five months out from the launch of HBO Max and the service still doesn’t have distribution agreements in place with Amazon or Roku. CEO John Stankey, speaking Monday at the WSJ Tech Live event, said the impasses demonstrate how platform companies, not network providers, have begun to hamstring access to apps and services.

How Aaron Sorkin Got ‘The West Wing’ Cast Back Together On HBO Max

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot Ordered To Series At HBO Max

‘West Wing’ Reunion Special Hits HBO Max Oct. 15

HBO Max Mulls Adding Some Commercials

WarnerMedia’s new HBO Max streaming service is considering adding commercials to classic movies and some of its original content. The company has circulated a marketing survey to consumers, explaining that an ad-supported version of HBO Max could potentially carry two to four minutes of advertising per hour, according to Variety. While ads won’t likely appear in any HBO original shows or new movies, the survey suggests ads may appear alongside content from WarnerMedia’s other TV networks.

HBO Max Offering 20% Price Break For New And Lapsed Subscribers

WarnerMedia still has the challenge of transitioning the bulk of the 36 million-plus HBO customers it already has onto the new service.

‘West Wing’ Original Cast To Reunite For Staged Version Of Season 3 Episode

David Schwimmer Offers Update On Postponed ‘Friends’ Reunion Special

‘Batman’ To Get New Spinoff Police TV Series

‘Gone With The Wind’ Returns To HBO Max, With Context

HBO Max Removes Civil War Epic ‘Gone With The Wind’

Confusion, Disputes Hamper HBO Max Rollout

A week after launch, some of the most popular programs on HBO Max are kids shows, according to data from Parrot Analytics. But the introduction of a new brand has also come with some major speed bumps for users and potential customers, who have to work through not just a new app but a web of rules about whether or not they have access to the service, which for now is not available on two major connected TV platforms: Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.

HBO Max Ranks No. 1 In Apple TV App Store

‘Young Sheldon’ To Stream On HBO Max

The series will join its flagship, Big Bang Theory, on the WarnerMedia-backed streamer.

HBO Max Sets Distribution Deal With Comcast

HBO Max has cleared one of the last remaining distribution hurdles in its streaming rollout, announcing a distribution deal with Comcast, the No. 1 U.S. cable provider. The deal makes HBO Max, which launched earlier Wednesday, available to customers of Comcast’s Xfinity X1 video package and Flex, a broadband video offering that is free for Comcast subscribers.

Is It Already Too Late For HBO Max?

AT&T’s streaming platform goes live on Wednesday. At $15 a month, it’s more expensive than its rivals and comes at a time when household income is dropping.

Can HBO Max Become A Streaming Star?

The new entertainment service from WarnerMedia will have to overcome a global pandemic, entrenched rivals and the absence of a highly anticipated Friends reunion.

Chelsea Handler Sets First Stand Up Special In Six Years At HBO Max

HBO Max Adds Distribution Partners

AT&T’s WarnerMedia has added some big distribution partners as the May 27 launch of HBO Max, its new super-sized SVoD service, approaches. The new $14.99-a-month service has struck new distribution agreements with Altice USA, Cox Communications, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Verizon and the National Cable Television Cooperative, an organization that works with hundreds of independent cable operators and telcos, including WideOpenWest, Atlantic Broadband, RCN, Grande Communications and MCTV. Comcast and Dish Network still are not on board, however.

DirecTV Offers Free HBO Max For 1 Year