Hispanic-Targeted HD Ads Lag General Market

Audiences continue to own more HDTV sets, but the number of ads shot in high definition appearing on Hispanic-targeted networks and stations lags behind the general market, according to new research. Extreme Reach, a video ad serving company, says 60% fewer HD ads were aired on Hispanic-targeted TV than non-Hispanic-aimed TV in the first quarter of 2012.

TVB Helps Advertisers Find HD Ad Avails

Effective today, media buyers can access a new planning tool on the trade group’s TVB.org site giving them easy and up-to-date access to a list of stations transmitting programs and inserting advertising in HDTV. The service is available to both TVB members and non-members.


Advertisers Slow To Embrace HD Ads

A new study says advertisers using HD in their commercials were just 13% of all the TV creative that ran in the fourth quarter, with 87% of TV advertising running in SD, standard definition. This was relatively flat from preceding periods.