Sony Resumes Production Of HDCAM SR Tape

Sony said Wednesday that it has resumed production and delivery of HDCAM SR professional videotape, and its Sendai, Japan, tape facilities will soon be returning to full capability, with gradual increases in production. Tape coating production of both HDCAM SR and HDCAM media restarted on schedule in July at Sony’s Sendai/Tagajo plant, with shipments of […]

NAB 2011

Sony Intros 3D Cam, Details Tape Shortage

Earthquake damage to the plant that makes HDCAM tape has stopped production until summer. The company has developed a new 3D camera that will be used to shoot the finals of this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships.

Supplies Of Sony Videotape Are Running Low

The supply of Sony’s professional videotape started getting tight within days of the earthquake that rocked northern Japan. Users are reporting a shortage of HDCAM SR tape particularly, because there are no ready substitutes. However, the supply of all types of magnetic professional videotape is said to be tight.