Hillary And Chelsea Clinton’s HiddenLight Opens Unscripted Label, Wins Channel 4 Series

Hillary And Chelsea Clinton To Host ‘Gutsy Women’ Docuseries At Apple TV+

Hillary Clinton Alternate History TV Series ‘Rodham’ In The Works At Hulu

Hillary Clinton To Sit Down With Jane Pauley

With a new book to promote, Hillary Clinton is preparing to re-enter the public eye. Her first stop: an interview with Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning this coming weekend.

Here Are Clinton, Trump’s Final 2-Minute Ads

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have unveiled their final pitches to the American people before Election Day. The Republican and Democratic nominees for president have both released two-minute ads, which will reportedly both air this evening on CBS (during Kevin Can Wait) and NBC (during The Voice).

Presidential Candidates Push Local TV Ads

Now, in the late stage of the campaign, presidential candidates are doing some traditional marketing — increasing spending with a greater share going toward local TV versus national TV.

Clinton, Trump Buy World Series Game 7 Ads

The Trump campaign has booked three commercial spots on the nationwide broadcast of Wednesday night’s Cubs-Indians matchup, a campaign spokesman said. And Clinton’s campaign has booked four spots, according to a source at Fox, the network broadcasting the game.

Clinton, Dems To Dominate Final Week On TV

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign is outspending her Republican rival by a factor of two-to-one on television advertising in six battleground states in the final seven days before next Tuesday’s election. The Clinton team will spend a total of $25.8 million on TV spots in 13 states in the final week of the campaign, while Republican nominee Donald Trump is spending just $13.3 million in 12 states.

In Ad Spending, The Election Still One-Sided

With days to go before voting, Hillary Clinton’s spending edge grows even larger while PACs supporting Donald Trump have fizzled. But the email revelations could spark a late Trump surge.


Email Flap Brings Out The Worst In TV News

Sonia Saraiya: “In an alarmingly vague letter to Congress, FBI Director James Comey wrote that the investigation into whether Hillary Clinton had endangered national security by using a private email server was once again, possibly, relevant. That has not stopped media organizations, in the full flush of pre-election coverage, to make this some kind of “October surprise” for the Clinton campaign, seizing on it as a turning point in the narrative of election 2016.”

TV News In Tizzy Over FBI-Clinton News

TV news operations were left vamping Friday after Hillary Clinton wrapped a campaign speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, without addressing news that FBI Director James Comey is reviewing new information related to the candidate’s personal email server.

Clinton Addresses AT&T-Time Warner Merger

Hillary Clinton says she will “closely” follow AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner as the deal comes under regulatory scrutiny in Washington.

Trump Being Outspent 2-1 On TV Ads

The Clinton campaign and Priorities USA Action, the super PAC backing Clinton’s bid for president, are spending $29.3 million across 15 battleground states this week, according to ad buyers watching the market. Trump’s campaign and supportive outside groups are spending $15.8 million in 12 battleground states.

Trump Campaign Outspending Clinton On TV

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is finally spending more money than Hillary Clinton’s. Trump’s campaign will spend almost $11.7 million on television ads set to run in 11 states this week, topping Clinton’s spending on ads for the first time. The Clinton campaign is spending $10.5 million on advertising in seven states.

Trump Suggests Debate Mods Favored Clinton

A debate full of personal swipes exchanged by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton also included Trump’s snarky suggestion that moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were favoring Clinton.

The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Effect On Trump, Clinton

Election Gets ‘Will & Grace’ Cast To Reunite

‘West Wing’ Cast Members To Stump For Clinton

Clinton’s Health A Big Challenge For Press

Hillary Clinton’s health is going to be a big story this week and in weeks to come. The question: Is the press up to the challenge of reporting it responsibly?

Trump Is King Of Earned Media

As Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump now starts up a paid TV advertising campaign, he continues to lead in earned media over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. For August, Trump pulled in $509.3 million in earned media compared to Clinton’s $364.2 million, according to mediaQuant. In July — the month in which respective party conventions were held — the race was closer, with Trump getting $573.4 million compared to $539.8 million for Clinton.

NBC Faces Criticism For Clinton Cough Story

The Clinton campaign and Obama’s former speechwriter ripped NBC over a story on a coughing fit the Democratic presidential nominee experienced on Monday in Cleveland.

Clinton Launches Campaign Ads In Arizona

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will drop six figures on a new ad buy in Republican-leaning Arizona as she seeks to attack GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in the historically red state. The announcement comes the day after Trump’s hard-line immigration speech in Phoenix, where he put to rest any rumors that he would soften on his signature issue.

TVs Top Shows For Trump Ads So Far

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a master of free publicity, didn’t start running general-election presidential campaign ads until Aug. 19, roughly two months after his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Here are some data snapshots about Trump’s initial burst of broadcast TV advertising.

Clinton Bombards Trump With Negative Ads

Hillary Clinton has buried Donald Trump in an avalanche of negative TV ads in an effort to kill off the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign before he starts to fire back. Clinton’s campaign had spent about $60 million on TV ads before Trump went on the air for the first time with a $4 million buy in four swing states: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The money spent on all pro-Clinton advertising had reached $104 million by last week, according to data from NBC News and Advertising Analytics. All pro-Trump advertising has reached about one-ninth of that figure.

Clinton Won’t Commit To Press Conference

With less than three months until election day, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both acting as if they’re allergic to media questioning. On Wednesday night Clinton called into CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, showing a willingness to take questions about the Clinton Foundation, Trump’s attacks against her and other subjects. But she was noncommittal when Cooper asked about her reluctance to take questions in a press conference setting.

NBC, MSNBC To Simulcast Trump-Clinton Forum

Hillary Clinton’s Press Problem

Donald Trump’s battles with the media are giving Hillary Clinton cover to not institute a protective pool, which would cover the candidate’s every move and ride on the campaign plane in the same way the White House press pool does and which typically begins when the candidates becomes the party’s official nominee.

Dems Outspending GOP 4-1 On TV Ads

Supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are swamping Republicans who back Donald Trump on television in swing states across the country this week as polls show Clinton taking wide leads. All told, Clinton’s campaign and Democratic groups are spending nearly $9.3 million on television advertisements in seven swing states this week. Two Republican groups that back Trump are spending almost $1.9 million on advertising in five swing states.

Hillary Clinton To Visit ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Again

Where Clinton Really Leads Trump: TV Ads

She’s spent millions on national television ads, including huge buys in the Olympics. Trump has yet to drop a dime, though several PACs are spending on his behalf. He continues to favor free Twitter posts.

Clinton Spending Big On Olympics Ads

The Democratic presidential nominee is airing $13.6 million in campaign commercials during the Summer Games, seeking to reach the millions of television viewers who can’t skip past the commercials as they watch live coverage of the Olympics. She has the audience to herself, as Trump has yet to air his first paid TV ad of the general election campaign.

Hillary Clinton Gives Post-Nom Interview To FNC

More Negative Spots Against Trump Than Clinton

10 Markets With Big Pro-Clinton PAC Spend

With four days of wall-to-wall cable news coverage and major-network primetime coverage of the Republican National Convention, spending zilch on ads and relying on so-called earned media made sense. But will that approach work going forward? Pro-Hillary Clinton PACs have an entirely different strategy:

Clinton Spending $500,000 A Day On TV Ads

In the earliest phase of her air war against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has placed her biggest bets on Orlando, Denver and Raleigh. Those three markets in battleground states are where the Democratic presidential candidate has most heavily run her first wave of general-election broadcast television ads, a Bloomberg Politics analysis of Kantar Media/CMAG data shows.

Clinton’s Tech Agenda Revealed

Hillary Clinton is an advocate of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, she wants affordable, high-speed internet in all U.S. homes by the end of her first term and supports a special commission to study law enforcement’s rights to greater access to encrypted devices and communications. Tony Romm looks at a slate of Clinton’s tech positions, which are expected to come from the candidate herself on Tuesday. 

Clinton Starts Targeting Spanish-Language TV

On Sunday, four weeks before Clinton will officially be recognized as the Democratic nominee at her party’s convention, she rolled out her first ad on a national Spanish-language broadcast, buying time in the final of the Copa America Centenario, which aired on Univision. The game between Argentina and Chile, a thriller that Chile won on penalty kicks, was expected to draw huge numbers, as the rest of the tournament has.

More Tech, Biz Leaders Endorsing Clinton

Hillary Clinton put to rest any doubt that Silicon Valley leaders — including many with close media and entertainment ties — want her to become the next president. Her campaign released this morning a list of supporters with A-list industry names including Netflix’s Reed Hastings, The Chernin Group’s Peter Chernin, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, IAC’s Barry Diller, BET chief Debra Lee, and Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt — as well as legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Clinton Opens Ad Blitz In Battleground States

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign rolled out a multimillion-dollar ad campaign this week in eight battleground states — Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire — offering an early glimpse of what’s likely to be an unprecedented advertising war leading up to the November election.

Clinton To Seek Local TV Coverage, Rep Says

Hillary Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon told CNN’s Brian Stelter over the weekend that part of the campaign’s strategy in the general election will be “to continue to do earned media opportunities with local TV affiliates and local radio outlets.” Clinton will be “very attentive” to local issues as she has in the primaries, he said. The remarks come at the 2:35 minute mark in this clip from Reliable Sources.