Maximizing Ads For Hispanic Millennials

Bilingual Hispanics aged 18-34 represent nearly two-fifths (38%) of the U.S. population, growing 73% over the past decade. With this group’s increased size, spending power and influence, it’s no wonder that understanding how to connect with them — and in what language — is top of many marketers’ to-do lists. A recent Nielsen  case study finds that advertising in Spanish might offer the biggest benefit.

Study: Media Portrayals of Hispanics Skewed

U.S. Hispanic spending power is climbing fast, now closing in on $1.5 trillion. As such, marketers and media companies are focusing more on this promising target audience. Yet portrayals of Hispanics in American mainstream media remain narrow, stereotyped and simplistic, and Hispanic participation in other aspects of the media business remains low, according to a new report on “The Latino Media Gap.”

Fox Hispanic, Online Super Bowl Sales Soar

Twenty First Century Fox, whose Fox broadcast network is getting an average of $4 million for a 30-second spot on its sold-out Super Bowl telecast, has almost reached that mark on its Spanish-language channel and online video stream.

DMA 10

Houston: Buyers Target Hispanic TV

Hispanics make up nearly a third of the city’s TV market, and there’s high demand for spots on Univision, which has cheaper pricing than its local broadcast rivals. Houston is the nation’s No. 4 Hispanic DMA. Overall, the city’s TV market is tight but not completely sold out, with pricing up slightly versus a year ago.

Univision To Big 4: We’re No. 1 And Rising

The Spanish-language network touts its winning July ratings win as it eyes a larger slice of TV ad pie.

Upscale Hispanics Increase Size, Spending

The “upscale” portion of the U.S. Hispanic consumer segment is growing at a much faster clip than many marketers previously believed. The upscale segment was defined as Hispanics residing in households with annual incomes of between $50,000 and $100,000. The study, conducted by Nielsen and released by The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, revealed that upscale Hispanics now total 15 million, accounting for three out of every 10 Hispanic homes and about 12% of all U.S. households.

Dunkin’ Sets Multiplatform Hispanic Push

Dunkin’ Donuts’ new, all-Spanish-language Hispanic campaign marks the first use of its long-time tagline in Spanish: “América se Mueve con Dunkin’ (America Moves With Dunkin’).” The integrated campaign includes Hispanic television, radio, the brand’s site (there is a version with key elements in Spanish), social media, public relations and in-store promotions.


Bicultural Latinos Are TV ‘Language Neutral’

While older, foreign-born Latinos tend to prefer media in their mother tongue, younger Latinos — both those born abroad and in the U.S. — aren’t nearly as focused on Spanish-language content. They want to see English-language ads on Spanish-language TV.