Howard Stern Rips Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams dissed Howard Stern for his “Hollywood insider” status on Wednesday, a label the SiriusXM radio host didn’t take too kindly to and called her a “f–king bug-eyed c–t” in return.

Howard Stern Blasts Les Moonves

Howard Stern castigated Leslie Moonves throughout his radio show Monday, recalling his run-ins with the CBS chief and gloating over the current investigation into him for alleged sexual harassment. “I know his true nature. He’s a shark,” Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show, adding that Moonves “had no humanity behind those shark eyes.”

Stern: I Won’t Replay Old Trump Interviews

“These conversations that I had with Donald Trump weren’t done in private like the Billy Bush tapes, this was on the radio,” said SiriusXM host Stern, lashing out at reporters who claim to have unearthed the chats. “Why don’t I play all the tapes? I have to tell you why: I feel Donald Trump did the show in an effort to be entertaining and have fun with us and I feel like it would be a betrayal to any of our guests if I sat there and played them now where people are attacking him.”

Stern Says He’s Leaving ‘America’s Got Talent’

‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges, Host Returning

Howard Stern Returning To ‘America’s Got Talent’

Howard Stern To Return To ‘America’s Got Talent’

Stern: NBC Threatened Me Over Leno Joke

Howard Stern has been reprimanded by an NBC executive over some harsh words for Jay Leno. The radio personality might have given America’s Got Talent a much-needed boost of star power, but the network wasn’t laughing when Stern tore into the Tonight Show host this week, calling him a “spineless maggot” on his SiriusXM Radio show.

PTC Urges ‘America’s Got Talent’ Boycott

The television watchdog group has urged advertisers to boycott hit TV show America’s Got Talent, saying the addition of shock jock Howard Stern to the panel of judges will “likely result in a sharp increase in explicit content.”

Howard Stern Responds To PTC’s Concerns

Howard Stern Named ‘Talent’ Judge

NBC confirmed weeks-old rumors of Stern’s selection to join fellow America’s Got Talent judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne. Nick Cannon remains host.

Howard Stern In Talks To Join NBC’s ‘Talent’

The news comes hours after Piers Morgan broke the news that he will not be returning to the America’s Got Talent judges table next season.

Howard Stern: Jay Leno Is A Crook

Howard Stern Signs In Demand Renewal

Howard Stern Re-Ups At Sirius XM Radio

NEW YORK (AP) — After all his threats to leave, and others’ speculation on where he might go, Howard Stern is staying put at Sirius XM. The loose-lipped shock jock announced on his show Thursday that he has signed a new five-year contract with the satellite radio company. The deal, which runs through the end […]