New Job Posted To TVNewsCheck

The most recent job posted to TVNewsCheck’s Media Job Center is for a vice president and general manager in the Livability-ranked No. 1 small-to-mid-size city in the country.


NTF 2020 | Broadcasters Hold Firm On Remote Workflows

Tech leaders at E.W. Scripps, Meredith and Hubbard Broadcasting as well as at tech vendor Avid say that remote production workflows are getting more refined, while vaccine promises also have them hopeful of a return to newsrooms. “The adrenaline that goes through a newsroom is hard to duplicate at home,” said Scripps CTO Ray Thurber at last week’s NewsTECHForum.

Hubbard Files Trademark Suit Against Instagram

Hubbard Broadcasting has sued Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, accusing the social media giants of trademark infringement and unfair competition that could lead to “irreparable harm” unless the court stops them. The suit claims that Instagram’s new video file-sharing service, Reels, infringes on and dilutes the trademark of Hubbard’s long-established REELZ digital cable and satellite TV network, which reaches more than 50 million U.S. homes.


TVN Tech | Remote Work Raises New Cybersecurity Threats

In an environment where so many broadcasters have shifted to remote production and workflows, experts advise them to adopt layered defenses to protect their networks against a range of cybersecurity threats.


Former WHEC Meteorologist Sues Station


Hubbard Names Richard Reingold WHEC VP-GM

The former GM of WCTI New Bern, N.C., takes over leadership of the Rochester, N.Y., NBC affiliate on July 23.

Gray, Hubbard, Scripps Sign With ITN Platform

The three are the latest station groups that will employ end-to-end technology powered by automated intelligence to advance marketing solutions.


2016 Spot Revenue: $115.6 million Stations: 13 in 6 markets Coverage: 3.3% Ownership: Hubbard family Key Executives: Stanley S. Hubbard, chairman; Rob Hubbard, president, Hubbard Television Group.


20. HUBBARD BROADCASTING, St. Paul, Minn. 2015 Spot Revenue: $112 million  Stations: 13 in 6 markets  Coverage: 3.3%  Ownership: Hubbard family  Key Executives: Stanley S. Hubbard, chairman; Rob Hubbard, president, Hubbard Television Group. What’s Up: […]

Hubbard Not Shy With His Political Opinions

Stanley S. Hubbard, the conservative Twin Cities broadcast mogul, has given millions to political campaigns. Now he’s waiting to see which presidential candidate “rises to the top.”

Napolitano To Head Programmatic At Hubbard

Former Petry Television CEO Val Napolitano becomes  executive vice president of programmatic for Hubbard Television Group.

Hubbard Radio Buys 30% Of Podcast Giant

Newseum Gets $5M From Hubbard Broadcasting

F&F Productions Buying CrossCreek Mobile Assets

Hubbard Broadcasting subsidiary F& F Productions today entered into an agreement to acquire the HD mobile unit assets of CrossCreek Television. This deal comes after a long-standing relationship between the […]

Three Broadcasters Add Avanto for TV Everywhere


Hubbard Makes Measured Moves In Digital

A redesign of its sites, a deal with IB Systems for digital agency sales support and a close eye on how consumers — and the competition — are approaching digital keeps Hubbard Broadcasting’s TV division in the digital game without over-investing on unproven revenue streams, according to Paul Anderson, director of corporate IT for Hubbard Broadcasting’s TV group. In an interview with NetNewsCheck Editor Michael Depp, Anderson talks about his goals for 2014 and hedging the company’s bets in a changing media world.

Hubbard Jumps From Petry To CoxReps

Petry has been losing a steady stream of clients due to station consolidation and to the periodic raids that reps stage on each other’s business. Last month, news broke that Petry had lost its biggest client, LIN Media, which is going to Katz Television, as well as the Journal Broadcast Group.

IB Inks Digital Agency Deal With Hubbard TV

Internet Broadcasting will provide digital advertising operations support for Hubbard Broadcasting’s TV group. The partnership includes creative development through campaign coordination and trafficking, as well as SEO and SEM.


CMS Vendors Vie On Changing Terrain

Local newspapers and broadcasters today are seeking content management systems that are faster and more complex than ever before. And while vendors are constantly developing new products to keep up with evolving demands, the industry is facing contraction. “There are just too many players, and nobody is really big enough to have any control,” says Internet Broadcasting’s Elmer Baldwin. “There are some that just aren’t going to survive.” Part two of a three-part special report. Read part one here

Hubbard’s Quiet Powerhouse Ginny Morris

Hubbard heir Ginny Morris overcame a rocky start to become the most influential woman in the radio industry.

DMA 58

Hubbard Paying $2.3M For 2nd Albany TV

Hubbard announced its deal to buy WNYA last month, but did not disclose the price. The FCC prohibits the ownership of two stations in markets as small as Albany, but in the application Hubbard asks for a waiver on the grounds that WNYA is “failing.” Hubbard asserts that WNYA meets all four criteria for the waiver, including that it has posted three consecutive years of negative cash flow. “WNYA’s financial condition is dire,” it says.

DMA 58

Hubbard Adding WNYA To Albany Portfolio

Hubbard Broadcasting, owner of NBC affiliate WNYT Albany, N.Y., is buying the market’s MNT affiliate, WNYA, from Venture Technologies.

DMAS 12 & 15

Mobile DTV Launching In Seattle, Minneapolis

The Moblile 500 Alliance, with Fisher Communications and Hubbard Broadcasting, is distributing 750 receivers in each market for use with iPhones and iPads. Nielsen and Rentrak will evaluate the launch data and Lincoln and Chrysler are the inaugural advertisers.

Hubbard Interested In Tribune Stations

Stanley Hubbard, the CEO of St. Paul-based Hubbard Broadcasting, says that he might buy some of the broadcast properties if the price and location are right.


KSTP Hit With $1 Million Defamation Verdict

A jury has awarded a holistic healer from Hudson, Wis., $1 million in compensatory damages from Hubbard Broadcasting’s ABC affiliate KSTP Minneapolis for a March 2009 story it aired about her treatment of a patient. The jury’s award is believed to be the largest verdict ever in a Minnesota defamation lawsuit.


Hubbard Puts Premium On News Experience

At the broadcaster’s KSTP and KSTC in Minneapolis, News Director Lindsay Radford is looking for reporters with ability, not just affordability. “We still value paying talented reporters,” she says, and she’s willing to wait for individuals who not only bring news know-how, but also the perspective that comes with time.


Local News Must Be More Than Weather

Stations must also distinguish themselves when the forecast is clear and sunny and there is no gunman running amok downtown. Too few do. With the recession behind and a strong 2012 ahead, my hope is that every station owner and manager sets aside more money this year for enterprise reporting and that it pays off in great stories that bring honors to the station, the group and to broadcasting. I also hope they pay off in higher ratings and revenue.

Hubbard Buying 17 Radio Stations For $505M

Hubbard Broadcasting has made a deal to buy 17 of Bonneville International’s radio stations in Washington, Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati for $505 million. The acquisition will more than quadruple Hubbard’s size.