On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Embrionix

Embrionix | Stand 8B.37| http://www.embrionix.com/ Embrionix will debut its miniaturized emFUSION-6 UHD-IP standalone aggregate gateway designed to interconnect multiple remotely located devices over IP. Ideal for remote production, the emFUSION-6 is software defined, and easily repurposed to serve as an IP processor, up/down/cross converter, IP multiviewer, IP clean switch or encapsulator with frame sync, depending on the broadcaster’s […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Qligent

Qligent | Stand 8.E47| https://www.qligent.com/ In an effort to communicate the value proposition of real-time analytics in a cloud-based monitoring workflow, Qligent will demonstrate a real-world MVPD deployment of its Vision SQM platform that leverages its second-generation, big data processing engine for viewer satisfaction. The project verifies the overall Quality of Experience (QoE) that subscribers have while live streaming sports, recording a show, watching video on demand, browsing the program guide, or accessing any other content or service. With this unprecedented level of real-time delivery analytics to understand each individual subscriber, which Qligent officially launches at IBC, MVPDs and […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Pliant Technologies

Pliant Technologies | Stand 10.F29| http://plianttechnologies.com/ The latest version of Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom will be on display, featuring enhanced firmware as well as the system’s new Fiber Hub. The system offers the highest wireless user counts, unparalleled range and scalability for a variety of broadcast, live sound, installation, and industrial projects. The system’s reliability and award-winning ergonomic radio […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Tedial

Tedial | Stand 8.B41| https://www.tedial.com/ Independent MAM technology solutions specialist Tedial is showcasing its cutting-edge live sport solution SMARTLIVE. The solution, which marries artificial intelligence (AI) to an innovative metadata engine to bring the back office and archives closer to live than ever before, now includes fully integrated Speechmatics, speech-to-text capability and a new auto-logging tool. […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Klover Products

Klover Products | Stand 8.A72 | https://kloverproducts.com/ Klover Products, designer and manufacturer of live sports audio and video production equipment, will present its Klover MiK parabolic microphone equipment and accessories, and Klear Shot compressed gas lens cleaner. This is the first time Klover will have a presence at IBC. Klover MiK Series — At the heart of Klover […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Matrox

Matrox | Stand 7.B15| www.matrox.com Matrox will present a full range of products that power today’s most demanding broadcast media and entertainment workflows. Show highlights include: Matrox Monarch LCS and Monarch HDX streaming and recording encoder appliances demonstrating simple, production-level webcasting to popular social media and content delivery network (CDN) platforms. Matrox X.mio5 Q25 SMPTE […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: mLogic

mLogic | https://www.mlogic.com/ mLogic will be showing four new products at IBC 2018:  mSpeed Pro, mRack Pro, mShare MDC and mTape SAS. Booths that will be showing product at IBC include Archiware (7.D35), Atomos (11.D15 11.D25), Hedge (11.B04), StorageDNA (7.A32), Tiger Technology (7.B58), and Global Distribution (7.A55). mSpeed Pro — The mLogic mSpeed Pro is a 10-drive RAID system with integrated LTO tape.  Featuring the best of both worlds, this hybrid storage solution and hard drive provides high-speed access to media for coloring, editing and VFX, while also providing an extended, long term archive for content to LTO tape, which […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Pebble Beach Systems

Pebble Beach Systems | Stand 8.B68| http://www.pebble.tv/ Pebble Beach Systems will showcase integration between its Dolphin integrated channel device and XStream EFS shared storage options from storage and workflow experts EditShare. Dolphin is a compact and cost-effective integrated channel device which, operating under the control of Pebble’s Marina automation, delivers highly automated integrated audio, video and […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Grass Valley

Grass Valley | Stand 9.A01| https://www.grassvalley.com/home/ Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, will showcase its newly enhanced product portfolio at IBC 2018. Grass Valley will reiterate its commitment to helping customers transition to software-defined, cloud-based workflows and flexible IP-based networks. At IBC, we will highlight how Grass Valley solutions improve broadcasters’ business agility and enhance their ability to […]

Atresmedia Boosts Playout Facilities With Imagine

Spanish commercial broadcaster Atresmedia, home of Antena 3 and other popular entertainment channels, has complemented its existing Imagine Communications Versio integrated playout installation by deploying a Versio-based disaster recovery playout center. The new backup facility maintains tight synchronization with the primary playout center to ensure instant and seamless failover should it be necessary. Facing growing demand […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Nevion

Nevion | Stand 1.B71| https://nevion.com/ Nevion, a provider of virtualized media production solutions, will be demonstrating a range of new and enhanced features now available on its flagship software-defined media node platform, Nevion Virtuoso. Originally launched at IBC 2016, Nevion Virtuoso now includes enhanced SMPTE 2110 support (10/20/21/30/31/40) with a new multichannel audio digital interface (MADI) […]

On Tap For IBC: IP, AI, OTT, Cloud

The annual Amsterdam event will tackle the revolutionary changes to televison being ushered in by IP, the cloud AI, OTT, new ad tech, remote production and voice, among other technologies.

Artel Video Systems to Participate In IBC IP Showcase

Artel Video Systems will be participating in the IP Showcase at IBC 2018. Artel will demonstrate SMPTE ST 2110-30 and AES67 compatibility, highlighting the interoperability and audio-over-IP accuracy of the Quarra 10G PTP Ethernet switches. The Quarra family of PTP-enabled switches offers the industry’s most accurate IEEE 1588-compliant timing and synchronization. The switches support SMPTE […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: File Catalyst

FileCatalyst | Stand 7.C08| www.filecatalyst.com FileCatalyst, a provider of managed file transfers and an accelerated file transfer solution, will be exhibiting its entire fast file transfer solution suite, as well as announcing new consumption-based pricing models. FileCatalyst will be highlighting: New consumption-based models geared at short-term, ad-hoc projects. This model is available on a variety […]

Accedo Integrates AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Accedo has launched a targeted advertising solution for augmented reality (AR) experiences with the API integration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental MediaTailor. The Accedo AR experience, powered by the Accedo One video platform, is designed to give a TV viewer a more personalized and engaging second-screen experience during long-distance sports events such as marathons, rally, or bicycle […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Octopus

Octopus | Stand 7.A39| https://ibc.octopus-news.com Octopus is a new, flexible newsroom computer system designed to scale with all the challenges that modern newsroom workflows present. The system is developed to ease the work of broadcasters who are using a traditional linear TV or radio workflow and also expanding to support latest-generation mobile digital viewing devices.no […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: ENCO

ENCO | Stand 8.A59| www.enco.com ENCO is a pioneer in the use of computer-based, digital audio and program automation for radio station and TV studios. The company has since evolved its product line to cross all aspects of today’s automated broadcast and production workflows, including closed-captioning, visual radio, audio compliance, instant media playout, remote contribution, and cloud-based web streaming. It will show enCaption4 solution […]

Tektronix Expands Its IP Solutions Family

Tektronix, a provider of video test, monitoring and diagnostics solutions, today announced the expansion of its Prism hybrid IP/SDI monitoring line with the addition of a 10G operations unit, integrated audio and dual-screen extension capabilities, as well as a 25G upgrade path for all Prism products. Tektronix’s Prism platform now boasts comprehensive monitoring capabilities across both operations […]

Paywizard Launches AI Subscriber Intelligence Platform

Paywizard, a pay-TV subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist, has today launched Paywizard Singula, a standalone platform that empowers pay-TV operators and OTT providers to take a more intelligent, data-driven approach to subscriber engagement than ever before. The solution uses subscriber insights and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce churn, grow average revenue per user (APRU) […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Tektronix

Tektronix | Hall 5 A73 | TEK.COM/VIDEO Tektronix, a provider of video test, monitoring and diagnostics solutions, today announced the addition of multiple enhancements to its live and VOD cloud video monitoring solutions, which will be demonstrated live at IBC 2018. Catalyzed by new innovation and an influx of new streaming services, the advancement and […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Qvest Media

Qvest Media | Stand 3.B40| www.qvestmedia.com Qvest Media, a systems architect and ICT integrator, will be showcasing its latest product development, Qvest.Cloud, in a pre-launch presentation. Qvest.Cloud is an advanced management platform that enables third-party cloud applications to be networked into one integrated end-to-end workflow and used and monitored via a central user interface. Integral […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Dejero

Dejero | Stand 11.C15| https://www.dejero.com/ Dejero, a providerof cloud-managed solutions that provide video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, is introducing its most powerful version of the EnGo mobile. The latest EnGo is designed to give a picture quality advantage to broadcasters, especially when capturing high-motion news and sports content. Broadcasters […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Object Matrix

Object Matrix | Stand 6.C28| http://object-matrix.com/ Object Matrix, a pioneer of digital content governance and object storage to the media and entertainment industries, will be showcasing MatrixStore-as-a-Service (MaaS) at IBC. MaaS is a fully hosted version of MatrixStore and to celebrate the IBC launch Object Matrix will offer a “show special” on the digitisation and […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: V-Nova

V-Nova | Stand 14.C36| www.v-nova.com V-Nova, a provider of video compression solutions, will demonstrate the increased ease of access, performance and wider applicability of its Perseus codecs. Highlights at the show will include: Perseus Plus on Multiple Screens: deployed on premise or in the cloud, Perseus is now available on a wide range of open source solutions, […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: TVU Networks

TVU Networks | Stand 2.B28| http://www.tvunetworks.com/ TVU Networks, a global technology and innovation provider of live IP video solutions, launches new premium functionality at IBC to provide operators increased flexibility and to robustly contribute the highest video quality from any location over any network. Demonstrations will show how and why the TVU Networks portfolio of […]

Nominations Open For IBC Best Of Show Awards

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: TSL Products

TSL Products | Stand 10.B41 | https://www.tslproducts.com/ TSL Products will showcase the latest advancements for its audio monitoring. The company is featuring the latest capabilities for its PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP Precision Audio Monitors supporting SMPTE ST-2110 networks as well as debuting the MPA-1 Mix SDI, MPA1-MIX-8 and MPA1-SOLO-8 Studio Audio Monitors to the European market. […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Dalet

Dalet | Stand 8.B77| https://www.dalet.com Dalet, a provider of solutions and services for media organizations and content professionals, will showcase the latest version of its flagship Dalet Galaxy five platform for Media Asset Management (MAM) and Workflow Orchestration, along with two major product introductions: the Dalet Media Cortex AI services and the Dalet OnePlay new-generation […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Qligent

Qligent | Stand 8.E47| https://www.qligent.com/ Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis, will introduce Vision-VOD, a new automated, file-based solution for front-end QC and back-end quality of experience (QoE) verification ofvideo-on-demand (VOD) content. The fully virtualized application stands apart from competitive systems by taking the responsibility for last-mile content verification out of the broadcaster’s hands, and without limitation as to where and how widely it can be deployed. The […]

Shotoku Named IBC Technical Supporter

Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a provider of manual and robotic camera support and virtual reality tracking, will join other companies as an IBC Technical Supporter at this year’s show in Amsterdam. Technical Supporters provide equipment and expertise to IBC TV, a dedicated news channel which delivers live news, interviews — and more — online and to screens throughout the […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: TVU Networks

TVU Networks | Stand 2.B28| www.tvunetworks.com TVU Networks, a global technology and innovation provider of live IP video solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate its portfolio of intuitive remote productions solutions. Offering frame-accurate synchronization over the public internet, these solutions remove the requirement for an OB truck and dedicated circuits, making live events much […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Artel Video Systems

Artel Video Systems | Stand 5.A65| www.artel.com Artel Video Systems, a provider of real-time multimedia delivery solutions, is unveiling its xView Management Platform. xView is a browser-based, network-level monitoring platform that aids operators in managing Artel’s DigiLink, InfinityLink, and SMART Media Delivery Platform solutions. The platform is designed to support various network monitoring architectures: national, […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: InSync Technology

InSync Technology | Stand 8.D97| http://www.insync.tv InSync Technology specializes in developing signal processing hardware and software products, with a focus on motion compensated frame rate and format conversion (standards converters). FrameFormer by InSync is a software motion compensated standards converter that is available as a plug-in for popular edit software such as Adobe Premiere Pro […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Marshall Electronics

Marshall Electronics | Stand 12.D20 | http://www.marshall-usa.com/ Marshall Electronics is adding to its miniature and compact camera offerings with its new ultra-high-definition (UHD) compact camera, the Marshall CV380-CS. The CV380-CS uses an 8.5-Megapixel, 1/2.5-inch sensor, to capture detailed video images, and outputs in 6G/3G/HD-SDI and HDMI 1.4. “Releasing an affordable, compact UHD camera further expands our camera […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Digital Nirvana

Digital Nirvana | Hall 14, Stand D05 | https://digital-nirvana.com/ Digital Nirvana, a global provider of media solutions and services, will showcase its new Metadator application. First introduced at the NAB Show in April, IBC marks the international debut of Metadator, a software application that makes the editing process more efficient for broadcasters and content creators. […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: The Switch

The Switch | Stand 1.F10 | http://www.theswitch.tv/ The Switch will make its IBC Show debut, marking an increased commitment to expanding its global services portfolio. Included in The Switch’s suite of products is its patented customer controlled scheduling and switching platform, SwitchIT, as well as The Switch Access, The Switch Studios, The Switch OTT and The Switch At-Home. The Switch also […]

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Qligent

Qligent | Stand 8.E47 | https://www.qligent.com/ Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis, has developed a new As-Run feature exclusive to its Qligent Vision platform. As integrated within Vision, the new As-Run feature uses an imported as-run log to analyze whether vital secondary program events, like SCTE-35 ad insertion triggers and ratings watermarks, […]

IBC 2018 Breaking News, Trends, Opinion And Analysis

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On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Tedial

Tedial | Stand 8.B41| https://www.tedial.com/ Tedial, an independent MAM technology solutions specialist, has announced major updates to its Evolution enterprise MAM solution at IBC 2018. The company will showcase its new cutting edge live sport solution SMARTLIVE and its HYPER IMF end-to-end  IMF platform. It will also bring Evolution aSTORM, its future-proof, hybrid content management solution to IBC. Demonstrations will be […]


On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Mediaproxy

Mediaproxy | Stand 7.B44| www.mediaproxy.com Mediaproxy, a provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, says its new source comparison feature for real-time identification of mismatched content, will make its European debut at IBC 2018, Sept. 14-18 at the RAI Amsterdam. This new engine enables network operators, managing multiple stations and playout facilities, to compare video content from […]