Where Is Augmented Reality In Broadcast Headed?

Augmented reality, immersive mixed reality and virtual sets continue to see increased adoption, moving beyond special events like election night and the Olympics. In this roundtable, leaders from the motion graphics production solutions industry along with key design firms talk about augmented reality’s future, workflows and remote production implications.


Gaming Tech Drives AR/VR Adoption In TV

Cutting-edge news technologists from The Weather Channel, CNN, Brainstorm and Planar are leading a vanguard of broadcasters into including augmented and virtual reality in their presentations. They told a TVNewsCheck webinar last week that advances in video game technology are making that possible.

Weather Channel Preps Viewers For Dorian With Immersive Mixed Reality Tech


Weather Channel Mixes Reality To Enhance Storytelling

Weather Channel’s Latest Immersive Mixed Reality Takes To The Football Field

Weather Channel Storm Surge Demo Goes Viral

Known as “immersive mixed reality technology,” videos like The Weather Channel’s Erika Navarro’s take green screen graphics and merge them with real-time, predictive data from agencies such as the National Hurricane Center. The result is a virtual scenario that unfolds around a studio anchor, engulfing the set with terrifying realism but allowing the anchor to walk viewers through potential weather with newfound urgency.