Internet-Connected TV Ups Total TV Viewing

New data from Pivotal Research Group shows TV watching was up 2.6% in average household viewing and 1% among 18-49-year-old viewers in July, while 8.5% of that group’s usage came via Internet-connected TV devices.

Samsung Adds More Ads To Its TVs

The Wall Street Journal reports Samsung Electronics is quietly putting more advertisements on its internet-connected televisions as it seeks new revenue sources for its struggling TV business. Journal subscribers can read the full story here.

Samsung Launches Tizen-Powered TVs In S. Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. has started domestic sales of high-end televisions powered by its Tizen operating system and plans to add washing machines, fridges and other appliances to the range of products that use the software. Samsung said sales of Tizen-powered ultra-HD TVs began Thursday in South […]


Study: One In Five Surfs The Web Via TV

Research firm NPD revealed that 18% of consumers across 14 countries, including the U.S. and U.K., access Web-based services and media from their televisions. That figure includes both people connecting to the Web from their televisions, as well as through set-top boxes hooked up to their sets.

Intel CFO Eyes More Connected Homes

New markets including home entertainment will be major sources of growth for Intel Corp as more gadgets become connected to the Internet and drive demand for powerful data centers, the top chipmaker’s CFO Stacy Smith says.


Study Sees Rapid Growth Of Connected TVs

The number of people who connect their televisions to the Internet is growing rapidly, with one out of five consumers now using their video game consoles, Blu-ray players or other devices to bring the Web to their TV screens, according to a new national study from Frank N. Magid Associates.

In Search Of Apps For Television

The technology industry is working on viewing options that could include apps, a move that has the potential to transform cable television’s interface and business model. While still in its early stages, the idea has taken off among tech-loving consumers, and companies are trying to satisfy them.

BreakingNews Introduces Smart TV News Ticker


KOMO Launches Connected TV Apps

Using a new ad platform for connected TV from Accelerated Media, Fisher Interactive Network can insert national and local ads and also feature second screen ad capabilities in tablets and mobile devices.

Report: 100M Internet-Connected TVs By ’16

A new report from researcher NPD In-Stat predicts that 100 million homes in North America and Western Europe will own television sets that blend traditional programs with Internet content by 2016. These new hybrid devices, capable of displaying interactive content related to TV shows, are a bid to hold the viewer’s attention in a device-cluttered world.

Manufacturing Concerns Delaying Apple TV

The chance is low for Apple to launch so-called iTV products in the second quarter of 2012 as there are no signs indicating that Sharp is ready to ship IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels to Apple, according to industry sources.

Internet TV Faces Some Big Obstacles

Technology increasingly blurs the lines between computer, television, phone and tablet. Online video options grow almost by the hour. A screen, in the era of cyber choice, is a screen is a screen. Still, to fill your screen with popular sports, comedies and dramas from the brands that dominate your television, generations-old economic models will have to be rearranged for the wild, wild Web.


Net-Connected TV Fuels 3DTV Popularity

Lackluster 3DTV sales may be getting an unexpected lift. That’s thanks to expected growth of Internet-connected TV shipments, according to U.K.-based Futuresource Consulting. The company forecasts such TVs will comprise 80% of all worldwide TV shipments in three years.

Will 2012 Be The Year Of The Smart TV?

 Manufacturers would have us believe that. It will certainly be when all of them start branding their connected TVs “Smart TVs” from the get-go. If that and sales of those TVs were the only way we measured the success of Smart TVs, then, yes, 2012 is going to be the year of the Smart TV. But will they actually be Smart TVs? That remains to be seen.

Prediction: 551 Million Connected TV Sets By 2016

Sony Considers Internet Rival To Cable TV

Sony Corp. is considering launching an Internet-based alternative to cable-TV service, people familiar with the situation tell the Wall Street Journal. The move poses the latest threat to the cable and satellite operators that dominate pay TV. Wall Street Journal subscribers can read the story here.

Yume To Power Video Ads On Connected TV Sets

30% Of U.S. Homes Have Net-Connected TV

Internet connected TV sets are slowly growing — now representing just 10% of all TV sets in U.S. TV homes — with videogame consoles the biggest Web-connect TV devices. Research from the Leichtman Research Group says 23% of U.S. TV homes have videogame consoles which can get Internet video. Overall, it says 30% of U.S. TV homes at at least one Net-connected TV device.


Internet-Connected TV To Grow 36% By 2016

New bells and whistles on Internet-connected televisions aren’t going to waste, according to a new survey. Turns out they are being used regularly. Over 60% of Internet-connected TV Households use TV apps at least once per week, according to Scottsdale, Ariz. based In-Stat. New wave TVs allow consumers to connect with Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

500 Million Connected TVs Expected By 2015


Most Not Ready For Internet-Connected TV

Consumers may be as indifferent to Internet-connected TVs as they are about 3D TVs. A new study suggests a majority of consumers, 62%, “are not connected or not capable” and “most plan to stay that way.”

Internet-Enabled TV Scores With Netflix Users

Although more U.S. homes have Internet-connected TVs, watching online video on TV is still a small entertainment activity unless your name is Netflix.

Digital Music Service Mog Takes Aim At TV, Cars

DMA 10

KHOU Launches Internet Connected TV Widget

Belo CBS affiliate KHOU Houston (DMA 10) said today that it is “the first station in Houston to offer an interactive television widget for Internet-connected TV sets using the Yahoo! Widget Engine.” “The new KHOU widget will be distributed to millions of Internet-connected devices on the Yahoo! Connected TV platform around the world,” said Susan […]

U.S. Web-Enabled TV Growing 94% Annually

Neither the availability of online video content nor the adoption of OTT services will keep pace with the growth of the installed base of devices that support online video, according to new findings from research firm In-Stat.

Is Apple Planning A Move Into TVs?

Apple’s recent investment of $3.9 billion in components is likely for device displays ranging from the iPhone to the 27-inch iMac, and could signal Apple’s intention to build a television set up to 50 inches in size, investment firm Piper Jaffray believes.

NATPE 2011

Epix To Launch App For Internet TVs

Cross-platform pay TV venture Epix announced at the NATPE conference that it is developing an app that will let its subscribers access all of its programming through connected TVs. Whether that will be a first in the pay TV category will likely depend which premium channel gets there first, as Epix didn’t disclose which TV manufacturers will be its partners or when it will come to market. In Deal With App Provider Flingo