Ergen And Smith: Thing 1 And Thing 2

What do the two TV entrepreneurs have in common? They are both betting that the future lies in spectrum and the Internet of Things. They just envision different ways of realizing the vast potential. The real question is can they get a return on the hefty investments they will have to make so that they can compete is the space.

FTC Updates COPPA Compliance Guide

This month, the Federal Trade Commission updated its Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule Compliance Guide in its ongoing effort to ensure that COPPA reflects changes in technology, including the Internet of Things. Although the FTC’s update confirms that COPPA applies to IoT devices, it does not provide meaningful guidance to operators regarding how to effectively implement the COPPA requirements in the unique IoT context.

Samsung Adds Smart TVs To Internet Of Things Platform

The Internet Of Things, Demystified

This buzzy term is being thrown around everywhere, from fashion to football to footwear. What it is, how much it will grow and why it matters to media buyers and planners.

FTC Sees Privacy Threat In Internet Of Things

As consumers buy up fitness trackers, Internet-connected thermostats and even Web-enabled cars and toothbrushes, the Federal Trade Commission has a message: It’s watching. The agency is warning that as millions of new smart devices make people’s daily lives more convenient, they’re also collecting reams of personal information that raise new privacy and data security concerns.


Internet Of Things To Make Waves At CES


Talking About Radically Different News Future

Four new technology advances are poised to fundamentally change the nature of information distribution: The Internet of Things (IoT), location tracking, wearable computers and the semantic web. All four, writes Paul Sparrow, senior VP at the Newseum, are already being implemented in a variety of commercial and governmental applications. When they merge and become part of the communications system, he notes, they are going to bring profound changes to our daily lives and to the very nature of news.