HBO, CBS Moves: A La Carte Tipping Point?

The two announcements of online streaming services look to be a big step toward allowing consumers to choose some or all of their TV channels, rather than having fat program bundles forced on them by pay TV providers.

Price War Brewing For Video Streamers

Don’t care to pay for cable? Get ready for a slew of Internet-based TV alternatives promising cheaper service. AT&T, DirecTV, Dish Network, Sony and Verizon are all readying “over-the-top” online video services that bypass the cable or satellite-TV bundle.

DirecTV Online Unit To Get Univision Content

Hispanic media giant Univision will be a major supplier of content when satellite operator DirecTV launches an Internet-delivered service aimed at a Hispanic audience, report Ronald Grover and Liana Baker. Univision’s content would be a crucial offering for DirecTV’s online service, which is expected to launch later this year.

Verizon CEO: Web TV Service Ready By Mid-2015


Nearly Half Of U.S. Households On Internet TV

Forty-seven percent of all U.S. households subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime or a combination of these services, and 49% of all households have at least one TV connected to the internet, according to a new study from the Leichtman Research Group about emerging video services. Four years ago, only 24% of all households had an internet-connected TV.

Dish Aims To Launch Web TV Service This Year

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dish says it plans to launch its Internet-delivered TV service by year’s end on mobile devices, game consoles and smart TVs for about $20 to $30 a month. It will contain live sports, entertainment and children’s programming. That’s a lot less than the typical pay TV package that Dish Network Corp. […]

Dish Internet TV Debut Said Set For Summer

Dish is reported to be looking at debuting its U.S. Internet TV service late this summer. The company, which is said to be negotiating for live-streaming channels over the Internet, is targeting 18 to 34, a smartphone and tablet market.


ArchLive Bets On Video In Chicago

The Internet TV company is betting that Chicagoans will like the the growing roster of original content on its platform enough to pay $3.99 a month for a subscription.“The success of our business really lies in the success of our content partners,” says ArchLive founder and CEO Brian Carpizo. “And we’re looking for the right content partners to bring us that programming.”

Hulu Plus Comes To Chromecast

Skepticism For Intel, Sony Internet Ambitions

Television services delivered via the Internet by companies like Intel and Sony could someday transform how Americans watch TV shows. But the services have to get off the ground first, and there are new doubts about whether that is going to happen. Intel’s goal of introducing its OnCue service by the end of the year has been scrapped, and Sony, like Intel, has yet to announce deals to carry any channels.

Tech Giants Rethinking How We Watch TV

Intel, Apple and others push new technologies to take control of the living room. However, these companies working on new Internet-based services are widely expected to face tough sledding in negotiating rights for video content.

Intel To Take On Traditional TV With Intenet TV

Intel Corp., the computer-chip giant, will enter a crowded field of companies offering alternatives t0 traditional pay TV services. This year, the Santa Clara, Calif., company plans to sell a set-top box that streams content from the Internet onto a TV. Intel’s self-install set-top box will come with a bundle of live local TV, ad-supported cable channels, and premium cable. There will be no need for professional installers, an Intel spokesman says.

Intel On Hiring Spree To Prep For TV Debut

Intel Corp’s media group has beenbeefing up its staff as it prepares to launch an Internet television service later this year, underscoring the chip maker’s seriousness about the new business. Intel Media is now looking to add 60 people to its staff of over 300, said spokesman Jon Carvill. He said the group could number 400 within the next six months or so, compared to less than 100 a year ago.

In Search Of Apps For Television

The technology industry is working on viewing options that could include apps, a move that has the potential to transform cable television’s interface and business model. While still in its early stages, the idea has taken off among tech-loving consumers, and companies are trying to satisfy them.

LG Internet TVs Create Ad-Serving Platform Network


Web TV Is Just Waiting To Click

Online television has yet to catch on like the traditional format, but it’s just barely getting started and hubs like Hulu, Crackle and Koldcast point to a wide-open future. In Deal With App Provider Flingo

Tetris Plays Internet-Connected TV

Sears, Kmart Debut Online TV, Movie Service

Sears and Kmart on Tuesday launched Alphaline Entertainment, their entry into the digital-movie rental and sale industry. The retailers, both owned by Sears Holdings, are powering their online video store using the RoxioNow platform that also drives Best Buy’s CinemaNow, so the services have much in common, including available film and TV titles.

Samsung Announces TV App Contest Finalists


40% of TVs Will Have Net Connections In 2014

In five years, almost 40% of television produced for the U.S. market will have at least one TV set in the home with Internet connections and services. Media research publisher Futurescape says this will amount to 43 million U.S. television homes out of 115.9 million overall U.S. TV homes.

Buyers Shrug Off 3D, Internet TVs

Fancy new features like 3D screens and Internet connectivity have failed to inspire U.S. television shoppers, dashing a hoped-for recovery in the global consumer electronics industry.

Viacom Fights Back, Blocks Google TV

It’s almost a clean sweep against Google TV: Now Viacom joins a list of big TV networks blocking the new Internet TV service access to premium TV shows.  Viacom is added to a list including NBC, Fox, ABC and CBS, which have declined to let Google TV act as a new digital TV distributor — one that would link up Internet access of content to traditional TV sets.

Netflix Intros Stream-Only Service

With high-speed online access now becoming a household staple and various gadgets making it easier to connect high-definition TVs to the Web, Netflix is realizing it needs to evolve as Internet streaming goes mainstream.

Internet TV Platform Provider Verismo Raises $17M

Comcast Rolls Out TV App For iPad

Comcast Corp. said today that it will unveil an application for Apple Inc.’s iPad that allows Comcast digital subscribers to watch movies and TV shows on the tablet device, starting next month.The first version of the Xfinity TV app will be available on Apple’s iTunes Store this week.

Top Rank Expands Into Internet Broadcaster

Netflix Getting Into Hulu’s Business

Will the burgeoning video force hasten Hulu’s demise?


Online TV Viewers Keeping The Cord

Pay TV industry folks have heatedly debated this fall whether consumers are dropping their cable or other TV subscriptions to watch more TV content online. A new study by Nielsen, commissioned by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, argues that most people who watch at least some content from the Web on their TV sets are “cord keepers” rather than “cord cutters.”

Boxee Jumps Into Internet TV Pool

Boxee’s new Internet TV set-top box launches today (Nov. 10). The Boxee Box, which sells for $199, goes up against the likes of Google TV, Apple TV, Roku and TiVO.

TV Networks Seek To Stop FilmOn

ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC have asked a federal court to stop the Internet video service from offering TV channels over the web and on Apple Inc.’s iPad for free.

Cable Subs Flee, But Not To Satellite

Internet TV services such as Netflix and Hulu may finally be starting to entice people to cancel cable, though company executives are pointing to the weak economy and housing market to explain the quickening losses.

Internet-Connected TVs To Top 118M In 2014