SAG-AFTRA Sets Accreditation Program For Intimacy Coordinators

SAG-AFTRA Unveils Standards Protocols For Intimacy Coordinators

SAG-AFTRA today announced “a major milestone” in its ongoing work to promote the on-set safety and dignity of its members. SAG-AFTRA’s new “Standards and Protocols for the Use of Intimacy Coordinators” provides a framework for the use of professional, skilled intimacy coordinators — professionals who help performers and productions navigate highly sensitive scenes that feature […]

SAG-AFTRA Developing Protocols For On-Set Intimacy Coordinators

SAG-AFTRA To Set Intimacy Guidelines

SAG-AFTRA will coordinate with Alicia Rodis of Intimacy Directors International  to standardize, codify and implement guidelines for intimacy coordinators. The guidelines will seek to establish new and relevant policies for nudity and simulated sex and define the duties and standards for intimacy coordinators.

How HBO Is Changing Sex Scenes Forever

In the wake of #MeToo, the network hired an intimacy coordinator to make the filming of sex scenes on The Deuce safe for all. Now, it’s doing it for every show and movie it produces.