INTX 2015

Comcast Hiring 5,500 To Improve Customer Service

INTX 2015

Are Rabbit Ears Next Big Thing For Cable?

Among like-minded cable companies, Cablevision is making the most aggressive effort to target cord-cutters by offering them broadband Internet service and a TV antenna to pull in over-the-air channels. “Our goal is to meet the customers where they are,” Cablevision COO Kristin Dolan said at NCTA’s INTX convention in Chicago.

Wheeler Favors More Online Video Rights

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said Wednesday that he is in favor of giving online video distributors some of the same rights as cable and satellite providers. He said the commission has “work to do” to clear obstacles to competition.

INTX 2015

Cablevision CEO Wants New York Cable Deal

Cablevision CEO James Dolan said Wednesday that consolidation of local marketplaces would benefit cable companies. It “would provide a great deal of ingenuity and access to much more resources for customers and lower prices,” he said. “If New York was operated like one market, you would see things like Wi-Fi distributed throughout the entire marketplace,”