Gray Television Expands National Investigative Unit

It promotes and adds to its InvestigateTV team that provides innovative, original journalism from a dedicated investigative team and partners.

InvestigateTV Debuts Weekly News Program

Gray Television’s investigative team of the same name is launching a weekly show across the group’s stations in 102 markets beginning this weekend.


TVN’s Newsroom Innovators | Gray Builds InvestigateTV Into An OTT Brand

InvestigateTV, Gray Television’s national investigative unit, has been producing dozens of in-depth pieces airing across its stations and on an OTT channel dedicated to its work. Fronted by WVUE anchor Lee Zurik in New Orleans (above), its pieces are making an impact even in markets where Gray doesn’t have a station.

Raycom’s Investigative Strategy Is Over The Top

It doesn’t take an Einstein to know that in this age of streaming and on-demand viewing, linear TV notions of time and space don’t apply. But it did take a Breland — Sandy Breland, group vice president at Raycom Media — to apply that new reality to investigative reporting.

InvestigateTV Releases ‘Killing Pavel’ Documentary

Raycom Media’s InvestigateTV has released Killing Pavel, a documentary focused on the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet, killed in a car bombing two years ago. Sheremet was an investigative journalist from Belarus, known to be critical of authoritarian leadership in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Despite a call by the Ukrainian president for police to solve […]

InvestigateTV Adds Show On Watchdog Journs

InvestigateTV, Raycom Media’s OTT app, is adding a new show putting watchdog journalists in the spotlight. The show, called Post, is a new media review program presented in partnership with Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE). Each episode will feature a staff member from IRE discussing the latest investigations from around the world with Jamie Grey, […]

InvestigateTV Releases ‘Licensed To Pill’ Doc

Licensed to Pill is a one-hour special that exposes doctors betraying patients by prescribing addictive opioids to line their own pockets. It follows up on extensive investigations aired over the past year, during which time a federal raid, charges against doctors and action by Congress were all realized.

InvestigateTV Names New Content Partner

InvestigateTV, Raycom Media’s OTT app, announced a new content partnership with Investigative Network, which it describes as “a first of its kind nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to producing video- and film-based investigative content. This relationship means viewers will find even more investigative content on the newly released app.” InvestigateTV is both a watchdog and a […]