FCC Orders Captions For Online Video Clips

The new rules will require captioning of certain online video clips beginning in 2016. The rules apply to video programming distributors that air programming — including broadcasters and cable and satellite distributors — on television and then post clips of that programming on their own website or via their own mobile app.


FCC Sets IP Clip Captioning Comment Dates

The FCC requires that certain video programming delivered online by television stations be captioned if that programming previously aired on television with captions. All video programming that appeared on television with captions after April 30, 2012, is considered “covered Internet Protocol video” and is required to be captioned when shown online. In January of 2012, the FCC released an order exempting “video clips” and outtakes. However, in the latest turn, the FCC is now asking for updated information regarding whether it should remove the “video clip” exemption. It is seeking public comment on the issue, with comments due on Jan. 27, 2014, and reply comments due on Feb. 26.