American COO Of Afghanistan TV Network Says Situation Is Tragic

Jack Pagano, a retired U. S. Army lieutenant colonel, and the COO of Shamshad TV, an over-the air and satellite television channel in Afghanistan, has a unique perspective on television in that troubled country. “The Taliban will eventually go back to 2001 television when it was religious broadcasting and that is it,” Pagano says. “Nothing more.”


Local TV Promos Inspire Peace In Afghanistan

The COO of a couple television networks half-way around the world has been using local TV promos seen on TVNewsCheck‘s Market Share blog as a teaching tool for marketing and promoting peace in the country.


WAKA News Director Leaves After A Month

Jack Pagano, the newly appointed news director for Montgomery, Ala., CBS affiliate WAKA has left the station after being hired in May. Pagano says he left so he could take care of a family issue, adding. “I will seek another run in broadcasting as soon as my family situation is resolved.”