Jennifer Rubin


The Media Need A Serious Overhaul Of Their Election Coverage

After the 2016 election, the mainstream media and pollsters were filled with remorse for horribly misreading the national mood and wrongly predicting a Hillary Clinton win. How had they missed the mark so badly? Yet after a similar media failure in this year’s midterm elections? Mostly crickets so far. If the media really want to improve their credibility and serve the interests of democracy, they need another round of introspection. What’s needed is serious and permanent changes in the way the media cover elections — especially those involving former president Donald Trump.


Media: Stop Broadcasting Election Denialism

Jennifer Rubin: The media should consider a simple approach to interviewing a Republican official or candidate. First ask, ‘Do you recognize Joe Biden won and that there is zero evidence of fraud that could have changed the result?’ If the answer is no, inform the audience this is delusional and send the guest home.