Journalism Has Been ‘Jerry Springerized’

Joe Ferullo: “Donald Trump is gone, but the damage done to news media lingers on. Thanks to the former president, journalism has been “Jerry Springerized” — addicted to conflict and madness in the search for audience.”

Judge Jerry Returns With ‘Quarantine Court’ Episodes

This week, NBCUniversal Television Distribution debuted all-new syndicated content with five episodes of Judge Jerry Quarantine Court. Through a partnership with independent studio Sneaky Big, the show was shot in three different states and merged to create a virtual courtroom. The producer said remote production and a virtual reality set “allowed every aspect of the show to […]

‘Judge Jerry’ Clearances Hit 99% For Fall

The new daily, first-run syndicated court program with the Jerry Springer presiding as judge, has been sold to 206 stations across the country by NBCUniversal Television Distribution.

‘Judge Jerry’ Springer Coming Next Fall

Springer, 74, will host a new syndicated daytime courtroom show called Judge Jerry. The series, produced by NBCUniversal, will handle small-claims cases, sources say. It’s targeted to premiere next fall, following the 28th and final season of Springer’s over-the-top daytime program, The Jerry Springer Show.

Someone Turned ‘Jerry Springer’ Into An Opera

Jerry Springer Decides Against Ohio Gov. Run

The TV talk show host and former Cincinnati mayor announced in his weekly podcast recorded Wednesday that he won’t join the race for the 2018 Democratic nomination for governor in Ohio.

Jerry Springer Considering Run For Ohio Gov.

Jerry Springer is thinking about making a run for Ohio governor after all, one of his closest friends said Wednesday. “There have been who have asked him to run for governor, and he is considering it and will decide that pretty soon,” said Northern Kentucky’s Jene Galvin, who co-hosts a weekly podcast with Springer. “He’s about done figuring it out, but he had to give some serious thought to it first.”

Springer: Can’t Kick The Kooky Out Of Show

As he launches his show’s 25th season today, Jerry Springer says he couldn’t tone down his show even if he wanted to. “I’m contractually obligated,” he says. “What the affiliates are buying is a show about craziness.”

NBCU Clears Off-Net ‘Baggage’ In 95% Of US

The relationship game show from GSN, hosted By Jerry Springer, is set to premiere on TV stations on Sept. 17.

NBCU Testing ‘Baggage’ For Syndication

The Jerry Springer-hosted relationship show, in its second season on cable’s GSN, is getting a 10-week syndication tryout by NBCU on 10 stations, including nine belonging to Sinclair and Weigel’s WCIU Chicago.