TV Groups Guilty Of Collusion? Bullshit

News of a class action lawsuit against six of the largest TV groups for advertising price fixing is “crap,” says sales consultant Jim Doyle. “I know the group heads and many of the station sales leaders at all of these companies. I’ve been part of the TV business for more than 40 years and I am positive that it is absolutely not the case. Not a single one of those people is stupid enough to engage in any conversation that could be construed as collusive.”


Digital Turning ‘Broadcast’ Sales Upside Down

The great challenge for local TV is not only to create compelling digital products and services, but to find and train people to sell them. Station groups are stepping up those efforts, hoping to latch on to some of the dollars that are migrating from broadcast to digital. “Digital, social, secondary channels, websites, mobile – it’s literally a laundry list that each sales rep needs to understand, then master himself,” says sales consultant Adam Armbruster. Part II of this special report tomorrow will address integrating new programmatic or automated selling platforms with existing sales, traffic and billing workflows. Also see today’s Open Mike on sales compensation for new hires.


Turn Your Sales Staff Into A Sales Force

Sales consultant Jim Doyle outlines four approaches to help TV station sales teams take advantage of the growing opportunities available to them. “AEs — and a few managers — need to stop thinking about history and start thinking about possibility. Possibility is what a client could spend with you. That is usually a whole lot more than what they have been doing.”

NAB 2011

Get TV, Web Sales Staff On Same Page

Sales consultant Jim Doyle tells an NAB audience that both traditional and digital account executives tend to undervalue, even disparage the “other” medium. That should change.