Fox News ‘Mole’ Resurfaces With Book

Joe Muto, the ex-producer at Fox, is still dealing with his spectacular flameout of April 2012. Muto, who worked on Bill O’Reilly’s primetime show, began writing an anonymous column for the Gawker website about what it was like for a liberal to work at Fox. His bosses blew his cover and fired him within 24 hours. Muto did get a book deal out of the experience, though, and An Atheist in the Foxhole (Dutton) is being released Tuesday.

Gawker’s ‘Fox Mole’ Has A Book Deal

NEW YORK (AP) – The “Fox Mole” has a book deal. Joe Muto is a former Fox News associate producer who was fired last month after writing a few anonymous pieces for the news blog Gawker. Muto has an agreement with Dutton for a memoir coming out in early 2013. The imprint of Penguin Group […]

Fox News ‘Mole’ Muto Lands 6-Figure Book Deal

Fox News Mole Reveals Himself, Is Fired

The network found and suspended the rogue employee who had filed anonymous posts at Gawker that ripped the organization, while FNC chief Roger Ailes blasted the site.