Multicasting Special Report | Improved Encoders Equal More Diginets

Broadcasters are capitalizing on that simple equation as they try to squeeze every last advertising dollar out of their 6 MHz channels through multicasting. Hopped-up encoders and advanced video compression have also facilitated channel sharing in the wake of the incentive auction and will come in handy for stacking legacy ATSC 1.0 signals as broadcasters roll out ATSC 3.0.


It’s Not Greed That’s Hurting OTA TV

John Hane: “It’s a complicated series of laws, regulations and court decisions that spurred the rapid growth of pay-only platforms, weakened profits (and caused significant losses) for broadcasters and resulted in necessary cost cuts in almost all aspects of their business.”


Hane Brings Know-How, Passion To 3.0 Push

The lawyer and former tech executive John Hane is a solid choice to lead Sinclair and Nexstar’s new Spectrum Co. He knows spectrum, he understands business and he clearly shares those groups’ passion for the non-broadcast potential of spectrum once enhanced and amplified by ATSC 3.0.

John Hane To Lead 3.0 Datacasting Company

He will oversee the nascent Spectrum Co., the ATSC 3.0 spectrum consortium founded by Sinclair and Nexstar to promote “spectrum utilization, innovation and monetization by advancing the adoption of the ATSC 3.0 transmission standard across the broadcast industry.”


Next TV Standard Must Be Truly Universal

What if you could buy a 50-inch television, mount it anywhere in your house, and receive dozens of channels on it for free and without any futzing around? What if most or all broadcast signals, in their native form, were easily receivable on tablets and smartphones?


Here’s What’s Next For The Spectrum Auction

Washington communications attorney John Hane walks us through how the just-authorized broadcast TV spectrum auction may play out. He explains what the FCC has to do, how it may proceed, the vagaries of the whole process and points out what broadcasters should be wary of.

NAB 2011

Frank: FCC Auction Plan Like ‘Leno In Prime’

As part of an NAB Show panel on the FCC’s spectrum plans, Post-Newsweek President Alan Frank says the proposal to auction spectrum to aid broadband  is not so much how such a voluntary auction will affect the minority of broadcasters who choose to participate in it, but rather how it will affect the majority who choose not to. And then there’s that word “voluntary.” “I had the honor of serving in the Army and I understand voluntary,” Frank said. Responding was FCC Media Bureau Chief Bill Lake, who promised that it was not the FCC’s intention to degrade TV service in any way.


What You Should Know About iPad App Flap

The controversy over Time Warner Cable’s plan to distribute cable programming on tablets has implications for broadcasters. Like many cable programmers, most broadcasters don’t have all the rights needed to distribute programming on the Internet. Also, viewing on tablets is unmeasured. Do you want your station’s viewing shifting to unmeasured devices?