Another Way To Find COVID-19 Stories

The pandemic puts a new ABC initiative to the test finding stories “hiding in plain sight” using data journalism. “We gather the data, we analyze the data and we put it in the hands of the local stations to go do a uniquely local story,” John Kelly says.

ABC O&Os Launch Data Journalism Initiative

The station group is creating a new team that will make data journalism a mainstream, daily core of its eight newsrooms, staffed by a group of next-generation data journalists and led by newly hired director of data journalism, John Kelly, formerly of USA Today.

Kelly Moves To Control Info Trump Sees

The new system laid out by Chief of Staff John Kelly, laid out in two memos circulating in the West Wing this week, is designed to ensure that the president won’t see any reports or documents that haven’t been vetted.


John Kelly, Former Detroit TV Anchor, Host, Dies

NBCU Makes Key Sales Promotions

Jim Hoffman, John Kelly and Seth Winter upped to executive vice presidents.