Chris Licht Makes His First Big CNN Hires

The CNN CEO is bringing on John Miller, a former top official for the NYPD who famously landed an Osama bin Laden interview while at ABC. Licht also announced another high-profile hire from CBS News, telling staff that Dr. Tara Narula would be joining as a medical correspondent for the network.


John Miller, Legendary NBC TV Marketing Guru, Retiring After 43 Years

Miller is the TV marketer who launched some of NBC’s most iconic shows, including Miami Vice, Golden Girls, Friends, Seinfeld, ER, The West Wing, The Office and 30 Rock among many others.  His “Must See TV” campaign remains one of the most memorable and most cited in TV history.

CBS’s Miller Returning To Law Enforcement

CBS News correspondent John Miller is leaving the network for a job with incoming New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton.

CBS Correspondent John Miller Set To Leave

CBS’s Miller Rises Above The Fray In Boston

Miller in 2012John Miller, who appears primarily on CBS This Morning, had a dual role during the network’s Boston Marathon bombing coverage. As a low-key explainer and reporter, he helped keep CBS ahead on key details of the investigation as the suspects’ identities began to emerge, and away from missteps made by other news organizations.

We TV Head Of Development John Miller Out

John Miller Joining CBS’s, ‘The Early Show’

NBC Setting Up Sports Ad Agency

NBC Universal will announce today that John Miller, the former chief marketing officer for its television group, is coming out of semiretirement to set up and head the NBC Sports Agency. The ad agency will market all parts of the NBC Sports Group, which will soon include Comcast’s sports cable channels. Its formation is another indication that Comcast wants to seize opportunities in the sports arena, where ESPN is dominant.