John Tesh’s Syndie Show Hits 83% Clearance

Intelligence for Your Life, which premieres on Sept. 15, will be seen in seven of the top 10 markets. The lifestyle show will air mostly in early morning slots. Tesh’s wife, Connie Sellecca, and son, Gib Gerard, will co-host.

How John Tesh Is Shaking Up TV Syndication

The former Entertainment Tonight host — whose company is producing and self-distributing a new daily talk show — is keeping his budgets low and targeting cities where his radio show is popular as he looks to compete with higher-profile players.

John Tesh Selling Half-Hour Syndie Strip

Former Entertainment Tonight staple John Tesh will host and distribute Intelligence for Your Life, positioning it as a companion to local news, either as a standalone half-hour or as two back-to-back episodes. Clips from the show will be available for stations to insert into their local news.