What Poynter’s Going To Do With $5 Million For Journalism Ethics

Why Reporters Should Avoid Off-The-Record

Let’s talk about “off-the-record” — what it is, what it isn’t, why it’s a bad convention that’s antithetical to what we do as journalists, and why reporters should resist having off-the-record conversations.

Poynter Gets $1M For Journalism Ethics Chair


Police-TV ‘Partnership’ In Manhunt Questioned

Boulder police used a helicopter shared by four Denver stations to help catch a shooting suspect during a manhunt. Some say the arrangement falls into a  grey area of media ethics.

Trump Testing the Norms Of News Objectivity

As Donald Trump continues his stream of outrageous and disquieting statements, journalists must grapple with how to cover him — and if, or when, to abandon the rules of traditional reporting.