Journalism Schools: Relevance Vs. Cost

In the United States, J-Schools are too expensive when taking into account the economics of the profession. By and large, teaching media skills needs an urgent reinvention.


Journalism Schools: Relevance Vs. Cost


Who Says Journalism Is A Dead-End Major?

Journalism models are changing rapidly. But don’t make the mistake of thinking the craft is dying, says media veteran Mark Effron. At J-schools, students demonstrate the “desire to find out what’s really going on,” and the fact they are anxious “to communicate that through vivid language and strong images, gives me hope for their future, and the future of journalism.”

The New School Is Building A J-School From Scratch


Innovation At Elon As It Focuses On Digital

Elon University’s School of Communications merged its print and broadcast programs in 2005, but students were still separated into tracks based on platform. A new course structure does away with that divide, instead emphasizing journalistic standards as the school takes a lead in digital journalism education. “Journalism is, to us, a function,” says Dean Paul Parsons. “It’s delivering news and information to audiences whatever the platform.”

How Journalism Schools Push Innovation

Despite the convergence of crises in professional journalism that have led to mass lay-offs in many newsrooms, the demand for journalism school places remains high, even as debate about the value and legitimacy of university-level journalism education continues internationally.

Texas A&M Brings Back Journalism Major

Do J Schools Have To Be Teaching Hospitals?

The model is gaining ground in many journalism schools, but two professors argue won’t help future journalists — or the industry they’re entering — adapt to change.

Indiana U To Merge Journalism, Comm. Schools