Skeptics Or Cynics? Age Determines How Americans View The News Media

A new analysis of Gallup/Knight Foundation survey data reveals that age is an important differentiator in understanding the complexities of Americans’ trust in and perceptions of the news media.

Snopes Retracts 54 Stories and Suspends Fact-Checking Site’s Co-Founder Over Plagiarism Accusations

The online fact-checker, is retracting 54 stories and has suspended its cofounder after looking into accusations of plagiarism against him. David Mikkelson used a pseudonym, his own name and the Snopes byline to publish the pieces.

Australia Chides China Over Journalist’s Detention

Journalists Can Now Find COVID-19 Response-Related Legislation On Open States


Commentary: Stephanie Grisham’s Invisible Tenure


Rosen: Journos Need POV To Stay Relevant

New York University Professor Jay Rosen about how journalists can handle polarization when covering politics: “Instead of trying to stay in the middle between polarized extremes and avoid criticism, political journalists and their bosses could recognize that there is no escape from charges of bias because these charges are just a further aspect of polarization.”

How Cable News Nets Covered NY’s Ebola Case

BBC Goes Global, Local, With Pop Up U.S. Bureaus

Harvard’s ‘Riptide’ Will Expand, Diversify

Harvard University’s sweeping history of the “collision between journalism and digital technology” immediately drew criticism for its lack of diversity when it was released last week, but its creators say they always intended to expand the project to include more diverse voices. “We made Riptide a website in part because we knew we would want to expand it,” Shorenstein Center Director Alex Jones says. “We are gathering suggestions from a host of sources, including many of the critics of Riptide.”

Shield Law Sparks Debate Among Journalists

Last week, a Senate panel voted to approve a compromise that defined a journalist, clearing the way for the proposed media shield law to be voted on by the full Senate. But journalists around the country had plenty to say about a law that would exclude some bloggers.

Copps: Media Falling Short In Serving Public

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps is taking aim at the state of television news, which he says is “in its hour of grave peril.”


WHDH Adding Newscast At 9 A.M.

The overwhelming trend for TV stations has been to add morning newscasts earlier, not later. However, Sunbeam’s Boston ABC affiliate plans on bucking the trend by adding an hour of news from 9 to 10 a.m. beginning in September 2011.


Elections Top 2010’s List Of News Stories

Last week’s culmination of the hotly contested 2010 midterm election season proved to be the biggest story in two years, filling 57% of the newshole from November 1-7, according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. 

DMA 92

KOAA Adds Stacy Neumann As Reporter, Anchor


It’s A Buyer’s Market For Local TV Talent

Local TV reporters and anchors, even long-timers in major markets, are being asked to sign contracts with onerous terms. And since it’s no secret that management is looking to cut costs wherever it can, reporters and anchors are, more often than not, acquiescing.