Court Affirms Judge Judy’s $47M Paycheck

Life felt a lot like TV judicial nonfiction as an appeals court poured ice cold water on efforts to drag the big salary of Judge Judy into the profits dust-up between CBS and Rebel Entertainment Partners over the now shuttered syndicated show. “It’s always gratifying when the correct judgment is affirmed,” Sheindlin said.

Judge Judy Ends $22M Profits Countersuit Out Of Loyalty To CBS

Judge Judy has brought down the gavel on her own $22 million countersuit against talent agent Richard Lawrence and Rebel Entertainment Partners, and it’s because of CBS.

Judge Judy Has Bruising Day In Court Over $22M Profits Battle, But It Ain’t Over

A loss in Los Angeles Superior Court today means Judge Judy may have to dip into her own pocket to deliver a promised $4 million to charity. The famed small screen judicial official saw her $22 million counterclaim suit against talent agent Richard Lawrence and Rebel Entertainment Partners essentially tossed out of court this morning.

Baliff Deliberates On Life After ‘Judge Judy’

Petri Hawkins Byrd, Judge Judy Sheindlin’s trusted baliff, has stood by her side during approximately 12,500 cases. In 1995, after learning that Sheindlin was getting a TV show, Byrd wrote her a congratulatory letter and jokingly added that he was available for work. When the synergy with an actor during a test shoot wasn’t to Sheindlin’s liking, she reached out to Byrd.

Judge Judy, CBS Socked With $5M Suit

Less than six months after CBS and Rebel Entertainment Partners settled their long running legal battle over big bucks in missed contractually obliged payments from the two decade and more running show, a new lawsuit is in the docket. Rebel is now suing the former Manhattan family court judge Judy Sheindlin and the ViacomCBS division for more than $5 million over a seemingly sleight of hand $95 million sale of the show’s rich library.

Jerry Bishop, ‘Judge Judy’ Announcer, Dies At 84

‘Judy’ To Wrap After 25 Seasons, But She’ll Return

The Ellen DeGeneres Show will welcome Judge Judy Sheindlin on Monday and in a preview of the episode, Sheindlin will be striking the gavel for the last season of the long-running and wildly popular court series Judge Judy after 25 years — but she’s not hanging up her robe just yet. She already has her new series Judy Justice waiting in the wings.

‘Judge Judy’ Profits Fight Settled

A 2016 dispute that included a complaint about Judy Sheindlin’s $47 million salary has been resolved by a mediator.


Judge Judy Rules In Favor Of Mike Bloomberg

Joe Ferullo: “Mike Bloomberg just released a new campaign ad featuring the most trusted jurist in America. It’s not the Chief Justice, but — for a billionaire candidate who needs to connect with working class voters — someone much better: Judith Sheindlin, known in most homes as TV’s Judge Judy. Most voters don’t ultimately make choices based on their favorite television characters. Sheindlin could be different.”

CBS: There Was No ‘Judge Judy’ Library Sale

In new court papers in an ongoing lawsuit, it’s also argued that Judith Sheindlin’s emails with a long-time CBS attorney are protected under attorney-client privilege.


Democrats Should Look To Judge Judy

Joe Ferullo: “In many ways, Judge Judy is a daily dose of wish fulfillment for working families, a place where the issues and the answers are clear. Sheindlin sends the hard-nosed but reassuring message that — even in a world her viewers suspect is wobbling off its axis — certain things remain unshakeable: the law, common sense, and the bright moral line between right and wrong.”


‘Judge Judy’ Wins The Week And Season

The victory in the session ending Aug. 18 marks a full decade at the top of all first-run programs for Judy and six straight years as syndication’s highest rated show overall.


‘Judge Judy’ Tops Syndies In Strong Session

Judge Judy hit a five-week high, while five of the top six magazine shows also posted stellar results. Dr. Phil continued its 149th-week-in-a-row winning streak among talkers.

Judge Judy Is Television’s Highest Paid Host

For the first year ever, Judy Sheindlin — more commonly known as Judge Judy — reigns supreme not only in her own courtroom, but also across all of television. Pocketing $147 million pretax last year, Sheindlin is the highest-paid television host, outearning all others.

Judge Judy And CBS Sued Again Over Profits

Once again, Judge Judy finds herself on the other side of the bench with a new breach-of-contract complaint filed against the top TV judge and CBS. While the jury-trial seeking suit from Kaye Switzer and the trust of the late Sandi Spreckman doesn’t specify damages, it does state that the plaintiffs are owed $4.75 million from the $95 million sale of Judge Judy to CBS in August.

Judge Judy Sells Her Library Back To CBS

After shopping her Judge Judy library around the industry for as much as $200 million, Judy Sheindlin’s stable of more than 5,200 episodes has landed back at CBS. The deal also includes several more seasons of future episodes of the No. 1 syndicated series.

Judge Judy Shopping Reruns For $200M

In addition to a $47 million CBS salary, Sheindlin also negotiated rights to her repeats, which she’s quietly pitching to potential outlets.

Judge Judy Developing CBS Scripted Series

Judy Sheindlin is developing Her Honor, a drama series at CBS, which is inspired by her own life. Law & Order vet and Chicago Justice showrunner Michael Chernuchin is penning the pilot, alongside Sheindlin who is billed as story co-writer.

Date Set For CBS ‘Judge Judy’ Lawsuit

Judy Sheindlin may have to be the one facing the judge next year because Wednesday the TV host and CBS were handed a trial date in the lawsuit over the profits from her long running show. With the $47 million dollar annual salary of the former family court judge near the heart of the action by Rebel Entertainment, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has set Oct. 23, 2017, as the opening of the jury trial.

CBS Hits Back At ‘Judge Judy’ Lawsuit

Just over a month after CBS was hit with a wide-ranging lawsuit over profits from the Judge Judy show and Her Honor’s $47 million salary, the network has struck back. In an answer filed Friday in L.A. Superior Court to Rebel Entertainment Partners complaint of May 14, a somewhat embarrassed CBS said basically “no way” because the parties in question fraudulently misrepresented themselves for decades.

‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin Slams ‘Hilarious’ Suit

Judge Judy Sheindlin has fired back against a lawsuit claiming that her outsize salary has driven her CBS-syndicated courtroom show into the red. Talent agency Rebel Entertainment Partners claims it has not received contractually obligated payments from CBS since 2010.

After 20 Years, Judge Judy Still Having Fun

‘Judge Judy’ Staying In Session Till 2020

Judy Sheindlin  has extended her contract with CBS Television Distribution for three more years. The new deal also includes a first-look production deal with Sheindlin’s company Queen Bee Productions Inc., which produces Hot Bench, the top-rated new show in syndication this season.

Judge Judy Primetime Special To Air In May

Judge Judy Primetime, which airs May 20, will chart the 71-year-old Judith Sheindlin’s transition from a New York Family Court judge to the star of her top-rated syndicated courtroom show.

Judge Judy Files Suit Against Connecticut Lawyer

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Television’s Judge Judy filed a lawsuit Wednesday against a Connecticut personal-injury lawyer, alleging that he used her image without authorization in advertisements that falsely suggested she had endorsed his firm. The lawsuit filed in federal court seeks more than $75,000 in damages from Hartford attorney John Haymond and his firm. Judith […]

Megyn Kelly To Interview Diane Sawyer, Judge Judy


Judge Judy’s 18th Season Posts Strong Debut

Judge Judy experiences 13% increase over last year’s debut, and was the week’s highest rated syndicated show in the week ending Sept. 15. Talk shows also continued to post strong ratings. Dr. Phil was No. 1 in households with a 12% bump over last year. Live with Kelly & Michael was up 13%.

CTD Locks Up Judge Judy Through 2017

Judy Sheindlin signed a new deal that will keep TV’s top courtroom in syndication for at least another four years.

Judge Judy Sheindlin Hit With Unusual Lawsuit

‘Judge Judy’ Ruling Daytime Television

CBS Television Distribution’s Judge Judy is such a familiar part of daytime TV that now, in the post-Oprah Winfrey syndication world, it’s easy to overlook how dominant it is. The show averaged 10.1 million viewers each day during the third week of January, a typical week, more than the next three courtroom shows combined.

‘Judge Judy’ EP Exits, Amy Freisleben Upped

Judge Judy Holding Forth On The Web

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Judge Judy is doing more than holding court on TV. She’s now dishing out advice online. Judy Sheindlin said the goal of her new website,, is to share her ideas about life, create a forum to discuss a variety of issues and to “have a little fun.” She’ll have her […]

Judge Judy Launches

The Hon. Judge Judy Sheindlin, host of the No. 1 show in daytime television, Judge Judy, officially launched her own website today: Several times each month, Sheindlin will introduce new topics for consideration that will address issues that affect people’s everyday lives ranging from romance and pre-nups to sock money and stepchildren. This site […]


‘Judy’ Is Tops As Sweep Gets Underway

The No. 1 court show is also syndication’s top performer as the first week of the November sweep comes to a close on Oct. 30. The strong showing came despite competition from World Series baseball, which preempted Judy and other strips in some markets, and an early snowstorm that knocked out power in parts of the Northeast.

New Daytime Contenders Up Against ‘Judy’

Daytime television may have lost Oprah Winfrey, but new entrants — including CNN anchor Anderson Cooper — may have an even bigger competitor to face: Judge Judy. Judge Judy, with tough-talking Judge Judy Sheindlin sitting on the bench, is the most popular syndicated program on television and the most-watched daytime show. Over the last five years, the audience of Judge Judy has ballooned by nearly a third to more than 8 million while The Oprah Winfrey Show fell by the same amount, down to 5.6 million in its final season this year.


‘Judge Judy’ Scores Syndie’s Top Spot

The courtroom queen becomes the No. 1 show for the first time this season. Other shows doing well in the first full week of the May sweep include the top three talk shows: Oprah, Dr. Phil and Live with Regis and Kelly.

After Oprah, Daytime May Not Be The Same

It may be impossible for even a Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper to duplicate Winfrey’s success as the audience shrinks in a new media age. It could be years before any of the claimants emerge as Winfrey’s rightful heir — if at all.


Judy Gavels Her Way To Syndie’s Top Spot

The courtroom leader is the highest rated first-run show in syndication for the week ending April 24. It was also a good week for Dr. Phil.

‘Judge Judy’ Signs New Deal Through 2015

Judy Sheindlin signed a new multiyear deal with CBS Television Distribution to stay with the long-running syndicated program that last season ranked No. 1 in daytime. The deal comes as Oprah Winfrey prepares to wrap up her talk show after 25 years, leaving Sheindlin and other daytime stars to jockey for position.

Judge Judy In Hospital, Set To Be Released

Judy Sheindlin was taken from her hit syndicated show taping by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Her publicist says she will be released today. The reason for her hospitalization was not disclosed.