Why Can’t These Ex-Fox Women Find New Jobs?

Rudi Bakhtiar, Julie Roginsky, Tamara Holder and Juliet Huddy were all forced out after accusing Fox News men of misconduct. Why haven’t any of them been able to work in TV again?

Fox News Whistleblowers Claim TV Retaliation

Dropped by agents, careers chopped short, many women who brought harassment suits against the network say they’ve been branded as toxic in TV news and wear a scarlet letter: “I couldn’t bounce back.”

FNC Settles Julie Roginsky Lawsuit

The political pundit alleged that Roger Ailes conditioned her network role on a sexual relationship.

Another Suit Alleging FNC Sexual Harassment

Julie Roginsky, a Fox News Channel contributor who was best known, perhaps, for her appearances on the cable-news outlet’s The Five, raised new allegations of sexual harassment at Fox News Channel in a lawsuit detailing her account of being harassed by former Fox News chief Roger Ailes and then discriminated against in retaliation