YouTube To Host Live Music Awards Show

YouTube will livestream a music awards show on Nov. 3 with a performance by Lady Gaga. Kia is the nine-minute event’s title sponsor.

To Foil Ad Skippers, Kia Turns To Sports

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably seeing a lot more TV advertising from Kia these days.The Korean brand has made sports a key part of its marketing plans in the last two years. Kia has sponsorship deals with all major pro sports except baseball. In addition to sponsorship deals, Kia also spends significantly to broadcast spots during many games.

Kia Called Out Over Behavioral Ads

The Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program, an advertising self-regulatory body charged with policing behaviorally targeted ads, issued its first decision against a major advertiser, Kia, for a campaign that failed to comply with the industry’s guidelines.