John Oliver Blasts Local Stations’ Sponsored Content Practices

Using the famous words of former WNBC New York anchor Sue Simmons as a rallying cry, John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, took aim at local stations featuring sponsored content as actual news. Simmons was famously caught on a hot mic asking “…the fuck are you doing?” while tossing to break in 2008. It was in that spirit that Oliver set out to show that the long history of local stations taking money for content is alive and well.

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against John Oliver

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (AP) — A West Virginia judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by coal company Murray Energy against HBO host John Oliver. A segment of Oliver’s Sunday show “Last Week Tonight” in June poked fun at Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, who blames regulatory efforts by the Obama administration for damaging the coal industry. Oliver said […]

HBO Renews John Oliver For 3 More Seasons

John Oliver Targets Right-Wing Sinclair News

Sinclair is “injecting Fox-worthy content into the mouths of your local news anchor,” he warned in a 20-minute segment on Last Week Tonight. And with its acquisition of Tribune Media, he says, through local newscasts it will reach more than 2.2 million every day, more than Fox News Channel does in primetime.

John Oliver Regrets Urging Donald Trump To Run

John Oliver Goes To Bat For Newspapers

John Oliver brought his brand of acerbic advocacy to newspaper journalism in Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight. In his monologue, he decries the profession’s endangerment and assails some of the more absurd turns its digital transition has taken, among them Tronc. 

John Oliver Buys And Forgives $15M In Debt

Oliver, on his Last Week Tonight program Sunday on HBO, took the action to illustrate a story about the practices of companies that purchase the records of debtors and attempt to collect on them. The show set up its own company to acquire $15 million worth of debt owed to hospitals in Texas, paying $60,000.


What In God’s Name Is Happening At WCBS?

HBO Says 2 More Seasons For John Oliver

NEW YORK (AP) — HBO says it has picked up two more seasons of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight,” which puts to rest any thought that Oliver would return to Comedy Central to replace Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.” Oliver just began the second season at HBO of his critically acclaimed comedy show. HBO […]

John Oliver Adding Staff With News Experience

NEW YORK (AP) — John Oliver says that he’s hired three new researchers to help with what has become his HBO show’s signature, a long-form take on a newsy subject where it’s often hard to figure out where he will find the comedy. Oliver’s show, “Last Week Tonight,” returns Sunday after being on hiatus since […]

John Oliver: New Year’s Eve Is The Worst

Oliver’s Net Neutrality Piece Crashes FCC

John Oliver’s call to action on the subject of net neutrality, on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, appears to have crashed the FCC’s comments system. The tweets appeared Monday after Oliver called on viewers to lodge protest with the FCC.

HBO’s John Oliver Recognizes Debt To Jon Stewart

NEW YORK (AP) — When the time comes for a young bird to leave the nest, he’s often more than ready to go and doesn’t care too much what Papa Bird thinks. The analogy doesn’t apply to John Oliver, the former “Daily Show” featured player who debuts his new HBO topical series Sunday at 11 […]