FNC Beats Laurie Luhn’s Defamation Suit

The former employee in April filed a $120 million lawsuit against the company and its CEO, Suzanne Scott, alleging that she was sexually abused by Roger Ailes and later defamed.

Laurie Luhn Drops $750M ‘Loudest Voice’ Suit

Laurie Luhn, the former Fox News staffer who made sexual abuse allegations against Roger Ailes, has dropped a $750 million lawsuit against Showtime over the forthcoming miniseries The Loudest Voice.

Ex-Fox News Staffer Sues Showtime Over Roger Ailes Miniseries

Feds Probe FNC Harassment Bookeeping

Prosecutors have taken testimony from several witnesses, including Laurie Luhn, about her severance package and how it was recorded on Fox’s books