Newsmax Denies Destroying Evidence In 2020 Defamation Case After Smartmatic Alleges ‘Cover-Up’

The right-wing cable channel Newsmax denied Friday that it intentionally destroyed or concealed internal emails in an ongoing defamation case filed by voting technology company Smartmatic over the network’s airing of false claims about the 2020 election.

CBS Defends Diversity Hiring On ‘SEAL Team’ From ‘Anti-White Discrimination’ Suit

CBS filed a motion Thursday to throw out a lawsuit challenging its diversity hiring practices for writers on the show SEAL Team, arguing that it has a First Amendment right to hire who it wants. Brian Beneker, the longtime script coordinator on the show, sued in February, arguing that he had been repeatedly passed over for writing jobs because he is a straight, white man.

Google Seeks To Duck Jury Trial In Antitrust Battle Over Display Ads

In an attempt to avoid a jury trial, Google has tendered a cashier’s check to the U.S. government for monetary damages resulting from alleged antitrust violations. The company said in court papers that the check was for triple the amount of damages the government sought and interest, but the exact dollar figure was blacked out of the version available to the public.

Actors Hit AI Startup With Class Action Lawsuit Over Voice Theft

The lawsuit claims Berkeley-based startup LOVO misappropriated actors’ voices to create its AI voice tool.

Judge Judy Sues National Enquirer Owner For Defamation Over Phony Menendez Brothers Article

Judge Judy wants inquiring minds to know that a recent National Enquirer article claiming she is seeking a new trial for the long-convicted Menendez brothers is “unequivocally false.” So false in fact, that longtime small screen magistrate is taking the Enquirer and InTouch Weekly owner Accelerate360 to court for defamation.

‘Tiger King’ Ruling Could Limit ‘Fair Use’ Of Video Clips In Documentaries

Filmmakers are warning that a recent ruling in a copyright suit against Netflix over its Tiger King docuseries could restrict the use of video clips in documentaries, and upset a long-held understanding of what constitutes “fair use.”

TikTok Sues U.S. Government Over Law Forcing Sale Or Ban

The social media company and its Chinese parent, ByteDance, sued to challenge the new law, saying it violated users’ First Amendment rights.

Meta Seeks Do-Over In Battle With Advertisers Over Inflated Metrics

Meta Platforms is urging a federal appellate court to reconsider a recent 2-1 decision allowing Facebook and Instagram advertisers to proceed with a class-action fraud lawsuit over inflated metrics. In papers filed with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Meta says the panel ruling doesn’t “make any sense in a case like this,” given that the class of affected advertisers includes entities ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to government agencies. Meta adds that the ruling will make it “virtually impossible” for defendants in other lawsuits to oppose class-action certification.

Google Users Battle Company Over Analytics Data

A group of Google users who are suing the company over alleged privacy violations are now battling with it over a key issue in the case — whether the company adequately disclosed how it collects analytics data. The legal fight, which dates to 2000, focuses on Google Analytics for Firebase — a tool that can collect data about smartphone users’ app usage.

Judge Grills U.S. And Google On Antitrust Claims

Judge Amit P. Mehta tried poking holes in the closing arguments of a landmark monopoly case as he weighs a ruling that could reshape tech.


Eight U.S. Newspapers Sue ChatGPT-Maker OpenAI And Microsoft For Copyright Infringement

The New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Denver Post and other papers filed the lawsuit Tuesday in a New York federal court.

Hunter Biden Declares War On Fox News With Threat Of ‘Imminent’ Lawsuit

Hunter Biden is threatening to sue Fox News for defamation, exploitation of his image and publication of hacked photographs, according to a letter obtained by Axios that was sent to the news channel last week. It’s the latest salvo in the president’s son’s more aggressive legal and press strategy over the past year amid criminal charges and tabloid coverage, and first big move after navigating the impeachment inquiry into his father.

‘Mixed-Ish’ Creators Prevail In Idea Theft Lawsuit

A state appeals court delivered a fatal blow to the lawsuit from actress Hayley Marie Norman, who accused the creators of the Black-ish spinoff of stealing materials from a show she was pitching.

Media Mogul Soo Kim Files Racial Discrimination Suit Against FCC

The Korean American believes a Black tycoon was favored because of government’s diversity goals.

Business Groups Race To Block FTC’s Ban On Noncompete Agreements

The nation’s biggest business lobbying group and a national tax-services firm have sued the Federal Trade Commission.

New York Judge Sets Hearing For Fubo, Fox-Disney-WBD Sports Streaming Legal Fight

A preliminary injunction hearing for Fubo’s legal battle against Fox, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery’s sports streaming joint venture has been set for Aug. 7 at 9:30 a.m. by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The hearing will continue on Aug. 8 and Aug. 9, if necessary.

DirecTV To Appeal Judge’s Decision To Toss Its Nexstar Antitrust Case

DirecTV has confirmed that it will appeal a federal judge in New York’s decision to throw out its antitrust lawsuit against Nexstar Media Group. The pay TV company has accused Nexstar of conspiring to fix broadcast retransmission license fees through management services agreements with smaller station groups Mission Broadcasting and White Knight.

Les Moonves Settles With City Of L.A. Over Ex-CBS Boss’ ‘Misuse’ Of 2017 LAPD Sexual Assault Report

Les Moonves has settled his debts with the City of Los Angeles, at least financially. In a meeting of L.A.’s Ethics Commission Wednesday afternoon, the body voted for a second time on a payout from the multi-millionaire former CBS boss. Unlike the Feb. 21 meeting, this time the proposed settlement passed.

Actors Sue Commercial Casting Site Over ‘Pay For Play’ Policy

A group of actors filed a class action lawsuit Tuesday against Casting Networks, one of a handful of websites that connects actors to commercial auditions, alleging that the platform functions as an illegal pay-for-play system. Casting Networks offers actors a free tier and two premium tiers. The paid options allow actors to upload more video to their profile and to submit for unlimited roles.

Producer Sues Al Roker Over DEI Policy Failures

Bill Schultz claims he was fired in retaliation for pushing back against executives at Al Roker Entertainment, who allegedly undercut a PBS-mandated diversity program.

Pro-Trump Network OAN And Smartmatic Settle 2020 Election Defamation Suit

Voting technology company Smartmatic and the far-right network One America News said Tuesday that they had settled a defamation lawsuit stemming from the outlet’s lies about the 2020 election. “The case has been resolved pursuant to a confidential agreement,” OAN attorney Chip Babcock told CNN. Both parties declined to share details about the settlement.

LinkedIn Settles Battle Over Faulty Ad Metrics

LinkedIn and two advertisers have agreed to settle a long-running battle over the social media platform’s allegedly inflated ad metrics, according to papers filed Monday with  a federal appellate court. Settlement terms have not been disclosed. The move likely brings an end to a dispute dating to 2020, when the tech company TopDevz and recruiting platform Noirefy alleged in a class-action complaint that LinkedIn’s erroneous metrics allowed it to charge inflated prices for ads.

Faith Stowers Sues Bravo, NBCU

Faith Stowers, a former Vanderpump Rules cast member, accused NBCUniversal on Friday of racist harassment and retaliation, becoming the latest Bravo star to sue over her treatment on a popular reality show. Stowers appeared on Seasons 4 and 5 of the series, which aired from 2015 to 2017. In her lawsuit, she alleges that castmate Lala Kent brandished a knife at her during an argument in Season 4, held it to her neck and threatened to “cut a bitch.”

Disney, John Ridley, ABC Hit With Discrimination/Retaliation Suit By Female Exec

A former ABC director of development is taking the network, parent company Disney and John Ridley to court for gender, racial and economic discrimination, claiming they firing her when she complained about the alleged situation. In a nine-claim complaint filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Asta Jonasson says she was pink-slipped in 2022 after more than a decade at ABC after putting in writing her frequently mentioned grievances about being overlooked for promotions and underpaid.

Trump Sues Two Trump Media Co-Founders, Seeking To Void Their Stock In The Company

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Donald Trump is suing two co-founders of Trump Media & Technology Group, the newly public parent company of his Truth Social platform, arguing that they should […]

Google To Shed Tracking Data From Chrome Incognito Users

Facebook Allegedly Killed Its Own Streaming Service To Help Sell Netflix Ads

Facebook “Watch” looked like a Netflix killer in 2017, but antitrust prosecutors claim it was shut down to protect advertising deals.

Disney Investor Blackwells Capital Sues The Company As Shareholder Vote Nears Close

Activist Disney investor Blackwells Capital has filed a lawsuit against the media giant over what it sees as an inappropriately cozy relationship with another shareholder, ValueAct Capital. In the lawsuit filed Thursday in Delaware Chancery Court, Blackwells lays out concerns about whether ValueAct has been paid to take a pro-Disney position in a brewing proxy fight with activists. Blackwells and Trian Fund Management have both agitated for fresh voices on Disney’s board of directors ahead of next Wednesday’s annual shareholder meeting, when ballots in board elections will officially be tallied.

Missouri AG Sues Media Matters Over Its X Research, Demands Donor Names

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has sued Media Matters in an attempt to protect Elon Musk and X from the nonprofit watchdog group’s investigations into hate speech on the social network. Bailey’s lawsuit claims that “Media Matters has used fraud to solicit donations from Missourians in order to trick advertisers into removing their advertisements from X, formerly Twitter, one of the last platforms dedicated to free speech in America.”

Palestinian American Sues CBS’s WWJ Detroit After Firing

Ibrahim Samra says he was fired from WWJ-TV has filed suit against the station, alleging he was discriminated and retaliated against after complaining about what he saw as its anti-Arab bias.

DOJ: Apple Has Kept An Illegal Monopoly Over Smartphones In U.S.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New Jersey, alleges that Apple has monopoly power in the smartphone market and uses its control over the iPhone to “engage in a broad, sustained and illegal course of conduct.” The lawsuit — which was also filed with 16 state attorneys general — is the latest example of the Justice Department’s approach to aggressive enforcement of federal antitrust law that officials say is aimed at ensuring a fair and competitive market, even as it has lost some significant anticompetition cases.

‘Abbott Elementary’ And Quinta Brunson’s ‘Knock-Off’ Copyright Suit Dropped

Abbott Elementary and its creator and star, Quinta Brunson, are out of legal detention. A judge in New York dismissed a lawsuit against Brunson, 34, and ABC filed by writer Christine Davis in 2021, claiming the hit sitcom was a “veritable knock-off” of her show This School Year. According to the court decision, the judge found that “no discerning observer would find the works to be substantially similar.”

DirecTV Loses Price-Fixing Case Against Nexstar, Mission And White Knight

A federal judge in New York on Wednesday tossed out DirecTV’s price-fixing case against three TV station owners – including Nexstar Media Group – on the basis that the satellite TV provider lacked antitrust standing to wage the court battle. DirecTV “has failed to show that it suffered ‘a special kind of antitrust injury,’ and therefore lacks antitrust standing to bring this suit,” U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel said in a 17-page opinion.

Trump Sues ABC And Stephanopoulos, Saying They Defamed Him

Former President Donald Trump filed a defamation lawsuit against ABC News on Monday, arguing that the anchor George Stephanopoulos had harmed his reputation by saying multiple times on-air that the former president had been found liable for raping the writer E. Jean Carroll.

Fox News Sued By Family Of Ukrainian Journalist Killed While Covering War

On the two-year anniversary of the attack in Ukraine that claimed the lives of Fox News photojournalist Pierre Zakrzewski and contractor Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova, the network was accused Thursday of being culpable for the fatal incident by engaging in “reckless and negligent conduct” that put the crew in harm’s way. The network was also accused of launching “a campaign of material misrepresentations and omissions to hide its own accountability for the disaster and shift blame” to then-security contractor Shane Thomson, who allegedly warned against the crew entering the dangerous zone near Kyiv where they were killed.

Amazon Hit With Privacy Suit Over Prime Video

Two Amazon Prime Video users claim the company violated a federal video privacy law by allegedly sharing information about their online video viewing with other Amazon-affiliated companies, and with outside businesses. In a class-action complaint, Virginia resident Meredith Beagle and Louisiana resident Jordan Guerrero allege that Amazon Services regularly discloses personally identifiable information to its parent company, Amazon Inc., “for audience measurement purposes, marketing purposes, market research purposes, advertising purposes, and other data collection and analysis purposes.”

‘911’ Actor’s Lawsuit Over COVID Vaccine Firing Heads To Trial In Major Test For Studios

The court found that 20th Television may have engaged in religious discrimination against the actor, who was denied an exemption from the vaccine.

Nigel Lythgoe Slapped With Fourth Sexual Assault Suit

So You Think You Can Dance co-creator and former judge Nigel Lythgoe has been accused of sexual assault for the fourth time in less than three months. “Lythgoe’s sexual assault and battery were so traumatizing that Plaintiff no longer feels like the confident, capable, and independent woman that she was before the incident,” says Jane Doe of the alleged 2018 incident in a filing Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

CBS Sued By ‘SEAL Team’ Scribe Over Alleged Racial Quotas For Hiring Writers

Brian Beneker, a script coordinator on the show who claims “heterosexual, white men need ‘extra’ qualifications” to be hired on the network’s shows, is represented by a conservative group founded by Trump administration alum Stephen Miller.


Elon Musk Sues OpenAI And Sam Altman For Violating Company’s Principles

Musk said the prominent AI start-up had put profits and commercial interests ahead of seeking to benefit humanity.