Gray Television Expands National Investigative Unit

It promotes and adds to its InvestigateTV team that provides innovative, original journalism from a dedicated investigative team and partners.


Coronavirus Raises Old And New Lessons For Katrina Vets At WVUE

Many of the staff at Gray’s New Orleans Fox affiliate faced the reporting challenge of a lifetime 15 years ago when Hurricane Katrina struck. The coronavirus pandemic has compelled them to write a new playbook and yet lean on old comforts like local music. Above, WVUE and Katrina veteran Lee Zurik working from home.

Gray To Launch Latenight Virus Newscast

Gray Television is launching a late night newscast focusing on the coronavirus pandemic, with Greta Van Susteren and Lee Zurik hosting. Full Court Press Now will launch on Monday across Gray’s stations in 93 markets. The show will draw on reporting from Gray’s newsrooms in local markets.

Raycom’s Investigative Strategy Is Over The Top

It doesn’t take an Einstein to know that in this age of streaming and on-demand viewing, linear TV notions of time and space don’t apply. But it did take a Breland — Sandy Breland, group vice president at Raycom Media — to apply that new reality to investigative reporting.

Raycom Launches National Investigative Unit

The Raycom Media Investigative Unit will partner with local investigative units across Raycom Media. It will be headed by investigative journalist Lee Zurik.


Police Use WVUE Reporter’s Photo For Target