IMDb TV Expands Distribution To LG Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, Nvidia Shield, TiVo Stream 4K

Vizio Accelerates Its Streaming Ads Business

While late to the ad game compared to the likes of Roku and Amazon, original equipment manufacturers like Vizio, Samsung and LG are hurriedly building out their advertising businesses as ad dollars flow into connected TV.


TVN Tech One-On-One | Assessing A Pivotal Year For NextGen TV

ATSC President Madeleine Noland weighs in on the technology’s COVID-hampered rollout, the importance of peripheral receiver devices for viewers’ embrace and prospective nontraditional uses cases for the spectrum as a broadcast revenue driver.

LG Was Official Technology Provider For Both Political Conventions

LG Electronics USA was selected as Official Technology Provider for the 2020 Democratic National Convention and 2020 Republican National Convention. LG also was named the “Official 4K UHD Display” of both of this year’s unconventional conventions. Under its agreement with the Democratic National Convention Committee, LG supplied 4K Ultra HD displays to support the Milwaukee-based […]

Peacock To Launch Nationally On Vizio Smartcast And LG Smart TVs On July 15

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, today announced it will be available on Vizio SmartCast TVs and LG Smart TVs when it launches on July 15. At that time, Peacock will offer a free tier featuring more than 7,500 hours of movies, shows, and timely live and on-demand programming across news, sports, reality and late night. […]

Tubi To Come Loaded On LG Mobile Phones

TVN Tech | NexGen TV Turns Heads (And Sets) At CES

The annual consumer electronics bazaar offered an important stage for fledgling NextGen TV this week, while also allowing varied glimpses at 5G, anticipatory technology and acres of beautiful new screens including the Samsung Sero that shifts from a horizontal to vertical perspective.

CES 2020

‘Filmmaker Mode’ On 2020 TVs Endorsed

Set makers including Samsung and LG will support the mode, developed to disable motion smoothing and display movies in the way the filmmakers intended.

LG Smart TVs Add CBS All Access App

LG Expects To Produce 10M OLED Panels Annually By 2022 With New Plant

CES 2019

TV Set Maker LG Makes Its Sets Disappear

The CES 2019 gadget show is revving up in Las Vegas. Here are the latest findings and observations from Associated Press reporters on the ground as technology’s biggest trade event gets underway.

Hulu Live Now On LG Smart TVs

LG Unveils 88-Inch 8K OLED Display


WJAX Taps Advanced For Studio Upgrade

When Cox Media Group’s CBS affiliate WJAX Jacksonville, Fla. (DMA 42), began renovating its production studio, it wanted to incorporate an eye-catching display in every area of the set — including the anchor desk. Working with design consultant Devlin Design Group, integrator Advanced took on the challenge with the installation of more than 40 displays by NEC, […]

Comcast Extends Xfinity TV Partnership To LG TVs

LG’s New TV Repels Mosquitoes


No Doubt This Vacuum Cleaner Really Sucks

Samsung And LG To Phase Out 3D

CES 2016

LG, KHMP Demo OTA Reception Of 4K

Over-the-air broadcasting is making its first game-changing advancement in decades for all to see on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center with the opening of CES 2016.

CES 2016

LG Unveils Bendable TV Display

LG’s OLED TV Shows Highlights, Shadows Of HDR

LG ‘Very Pleased’ With Futurecast 3.0 Test

LG tested three types of its next-gen signals in a mobile environment: Ultra HD, HD and SD, all simultaneously within one channel. The HD and SD signals performed about as well as the old ATSC DTV mobile standard, delivering “clean” signals in 80% and 90% of the locations, respectively. Ultra HD, which is not meant for mobile broadcasts, didn’t work nearly as well. Yesterday it demoed the technology for more than 60 engineers in Cleveland, including reception on a bus.

LG Shows Off ‘Wallpaper’ TV Under 1mm Thick

CES 2015

TV Chs. Delivered By Internet, New TV Sets

Here are the television-related highlights from the International CES gadget show in Las Vegas on Monday. The four-day show formally opens on Tuesday.

CES 2015

LG Slims LCD TVs By 75%

LG Forms New Dedicated OLED Division


LG, GatesAir Test Next-Gen TV Over WKOW

Early this morning, GatesAir, LG and its subsidiary Zenith with the help of Quincy Group’s WKOW Madison, Wis., conducted an on-air test of Futurecast, a contender for the ATSC 3.0 digital TV transmission standard in the United States.


WKOW To Demo LG Next-Gen TV System

LG and GatesAir will conduct a test of the Futurecast digital TV system on the Quincy Broadcasting-owned ABC afiliate in Madison, Wis., on Oct. 22. The system is one of the proponents in the ATSC 3.0 standards-setting contest.

LG Display Unveils 18-Inch Flexible Display

The South Korean display panel maker said Friday the flexible display has a resolution of 1,200 pixels by 810 pixels and maintains its function when it is rolled up. LG touted its technology as a significant advance, saying the cylinder’s diameter would be just 6 centimeters (2.4 inches). It means LG Display could produce TVs that are larger than 50 inches diagonally and can be rolled up.


KERO Replaces Control Monitors with Multiviewers

LG Releases Open Source Connect SDK

LG likes Chromecast’s way of casting media to the TV. So instead of copying it for webOS, the company decided to integrate casting into an open SDK capable of playing nice with multiple devices.

ATSC Board Elects Samsung, Sony, LG Execs

Former ATSC Chairman John Godfrey, VP communications policy and regulatory affairs at Samsung, was elected to come back and serve on the board again. He’s joined by Mark Eyer of Sony and John Taylor of LG Electronics USA, both of whom were elected to a second term.

LG Unveils ‘Futurecast’ ATSC 3.0 Proposal

In partnership with Harris Broadcast, “Futurecast” is designed to increase data throughput by 30%, improve mobile TV and indoor TV reception and feature robust transmission capabiltiies for things like 4K broadcasts. Notably, the proposed physical layer doesn’t mention DVB, the European standard that was included in several of the ATSC 3.0 proposals. LG developed the current ATSC standard used today.

Sinclair Among Those Filing ATSC 3.0 Plans

On Friday, 19 organizations filed 10 proposals for ATSC 3.0, the next-generation television standard. Filers included LG, Harris Broadcast, Samsung and Sony. One company of notable interest is the nation’s largest TV station owner: Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Rovi Ends All Lawsuits Against LG

LG Invests $655M To Expand OLED Production

LG Beats Rivals In Race To Sell New OLED TVs

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — LG Electronics Inc. started taking pre-orders on Wednesday for the world’s first big TVs that use an advanced display technology promising startlingly clear images on wafer-thin screens. The South Korean company said the 55-inch TVs, which use a technology called “OLED” and have a price tag of 11 million won […]

LG Enhances Google TV Options

LG End-Runs Sony With 84-Inch 4K TV

The new set with four times the resolution of standard HDTVs will go on sale in October for $20,000.

Samsung, LG Bet OLED Can Revive TV Sales

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) —South Korean TV manufacturers are making billion dollar bets on a new display technology that promises an even thinner screen and imagery of eye-popping clarity. It might prove to be a costly last gasp of innovation from an industry finding it ever harder to excite consumers who’ve been wowed by smartphones […]