Supreme Court Urged To Reject Church’s Request To Reconsider Libel Standard

The Southern Poverty Law Center on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to reject a church’s request to reconsider longstanding precedent requiring public figures to prove “actual malice” in order to prevail on defamation claims. That nearly 60-year-old principle “occupies a foundational place in the constitutional firmament that has only become stronger with the passage of time,” the civil rights group argues.


A Judge’s Astonishing Attack On A First Amendment Precedent May End Up Strengthening It Instead

J. Michael Luttig: “Federal appeals court judge Laurence H. Silberman’s dangerous dissenting opinion in Tah v. Global Witness Publishing last week has already caused a firestorm — not because he urged the Supreme Court to overrule New York Times v. Sullivan and its “actual malice” defamation standard, but because of the astonishing and disturbing reasons that he proposed for dispensing with that landmark decision.”