Oil Prices Should Fall With Gadhafi Overthrow

On Sunday night, rebel forces pushed into Tripoli without meeting much resistance, hours after they overran a major military base that defended the capital. Opposition fighters captured Gadhafi’s son and one-time heir apparent, Seif al-Islam. Independent analyst Andrew Lipow said oil markets will likely respond Monday by sending prices lower in “a sign of relief that conflict has come to the end.” But Lipow said it will take time for the market to erase the hefty price increase that resulted from the suspension of Libyan oil exports since the rebellion began in February.

CNN Crews Used As Human Shields In Libya?

Fox News Channel is reporting that CNN and Reuters TV news crews were used as human shields as Muammar Gaddafi‘s compound was attacked last night. Pentagon correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported the new information this afternoon: “We have learned that British fighter jets had seven missiles. They were in fact going to be fired from tornado fighter planes onto that compound, but the mission had to be cut short because of the presence of CNN television crews and Reuters journalists on the ground who had been taken to the site by the Libyan Ministry of Information.”

Nets Cover Launch Of Libyan Attacks

CBS cut into March Madness coverage Saturday for a special report as the U.S., in partnership with others, began military operations against some 20 targets in Libya as part of a multi-national effort to enforce a no-fly zone, and news nets began gearing up for war coverage.