What TV Stations Are Posting On LinkedIn

Making connections and joining groups is easy on LinkedIn and makes your daily feed provocative and educational. So in no particular order, here are some examples posted that are relevant to local TV creative services and marketing folks.

LinkedIn Tests AI Prompts For Ad Generation In ‘Campaign Manager’

On the heels of announcing several new ad formats and allowing members to direct message brands, LinkedIn has announced a new generative AI option for ad creation that provides marketers with automated variations of ad copy and headlines. According to the company, LinkedIn’s AI-generated copy suggestions use advanced OpenAI GPT models to leverage data from marketers’ LinkedIn page and Campaign Manager settings — including ad objectives, targeting criteria and the desired target audience — to help guide the ad creation process.

Former CNN Exec Courtney Chapman Coupe To Lead LinkedIn’s Original Programming

In this newly created role, Coupe will be responsible for building out the content strategy and overseeing the development and production of all original video and audio for the social networking giant. While at CNN, Coupe led content strategy for the network’s streaming and audio businesses. She was responsible for driving acquisitions, engagement, and retention. She worked with and led content teams to deliver programming strategies for news, documentary, and interactive content.


Is LinkedIn An Untapped Resource For TV News?

Social media experts say LinkedIn offers numerous advantages for TV newsrooms to seed their content including strong reach and relevancy for a desired audience of adult professionals and an early mover advantage.

Advertisers Seek To Revive Claims Against LinkedIn Over Inflated Metrics


TV Promos, Even From The BBC, As Found On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Defeats Lawsuit Over Inflated Ad Metrics

Siding with LinkedIn, a federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit by two advertisers that accused the company of inflating ad metrics. The ruling, issued Monday by U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan van Keulen in the Northern District of California, stems from a lawsuit brought last December by tech company TopDevz and recruiting platform Noirefy. They alleged in a class-action complaint that LinkedIn’s erroneous metrics allowed the company to charge inflated prices for ads.

LinkedIn Testing How To Boost Conversations With Product Pages

LinkedIn is experimenting with ways that businesses on its platform can encourage open conversations around business-type products. The company is working with two early beta testers. The idea is to prompt engagement between members, as well as between members and product development teams at brands.

LinkedIn To Shut Down Service In China, Citing ‘Challenging’ Environment

Advertisers Boost Claims Against LinkedIn Over Inflated Metrics

Tech company TopDevz and diversity recruiting company Noirefy have beefed up a class-action complaint against LinkedIn over inflated ad metrics, in hopes of convincing a judge to allow the lawsuit to proceed.

LinkedIn Sued Over Incorrect Ad Metrics

“LinkedIn has systematically inflated ad metrics in its favor, which has enabled it to overstate the quality of its audiences, the quality of its ad inventory, and the engagement from its audiences,” tech company TopDevz and recruiting platform Noirefy allege in a class-action complaint.

LinkedIn To Lay Off About 6% Of Workforce

LinkedIn will lay off about 960 workers across the company’s global sales and talent acquisition organizations as it grapples with falling demand for recruitment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winfrey, Roberts To Appear In Global Virus Relief Livestream

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts and former President George W. Bush will be among 200 star-studded participants in a 24-hour global livestream event. The Call to Unite […]


New WBND ‘Together’ Promo Uses Local Viewer’s Voice

LinkedIn CEO Steps Aside After 11 Years

NEW YORK (AP) — The LinkedIn professional networking service is getting a new CEO. Jeff Weiner will become executive chairman after 11 years as chief of the Microsoft-owned business. Ryan […]

LinkedIn Has 65 Journalists. It’s Hiring More

LinkedIn Editor in Chief Dan Roth envisions LinkedIn as the perfect “utility” for professionals. “LinkedIn should help you be better at what you do or what you want to do,” he says. In order to fulfill this dream, Roth has hired a team of journalists and empowered them with the tools they need to discover original stories and to distribute those stories to the right audience. Having these tools at their disposal is appealing to journalists who want to know who is reading their work.

Lessons For Newsrooms From Big Tech

There’s a lot that newsrooms could and should learn from what’s made platform and technology companies successful, sometimes at the direct expense of legacy news business models. Here are seven top takeaways.

LinkedIn Adds Video For Sponsored Content

LinkedIn, a Microsoft B2B social network, announced Thursday the official rollout of video for sponsored content and company pages. The offering, which gives companies the ability to promote a video and target a specific audience, builds on the release of member video, which launched in August 2017. LinkedIn also introduced the ability to load a video to a company’s page, which gets distributed to all followers.

LinkedIn Opens Video Uploads To All

Video is the name of the game in social networking: sites like Facebook and Twitter have been doubling down on the medium in recent years to drive more traffic and engagement from users, and also as a platform to snare in more premium advertising away from traditional television broadcasters. Now Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is hoping to muscle in on the party with its own video strategy. Today the social networking site for the working world is launching a new feature to let any user upload a video to the site, via LinkedIn’s iOS or Android mobile app.

Microsoft Buying LinkedIn For About $26.2B

LinkedIn will remain an independent unit of Microsoft. It will keep its name, and current CEO Jeff Weiner will stay on and report directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

LInkedIn Building Syndicated Content Network

LinkedIn is tapping its 500 “Influencers” for permission to automatically let other sites republish their content in full. The content exchange won’t generate revenue for its producers, but they will get wider distribution for their name and work, while LinkedIn gets a marketing boost.


LinkedIn Sold Nearly $500M In Ads Last Year

LinkedIn’s advertising revenue reached $153 million in the fourth quarter, a 56% increase over the same time a year earlier. Advertising, which LinkedIn calls “marketing solutions,” accounted for 24% of its total revenue compared with 22% in the fourth quarter of 2013. Full-year ad revenue in 2014 was $454.5 million, up 46% from 2013.

Six Tips for Boosting Audience With LinkedIn

Media outlets can post company pages that amplify their content, while employee and fan pages can add to the web of influence and brand building, said Yumi Wilson, who coached newspaper executives at the Local Media Association Innovation Conference in Philadelphia.

LinkedIn Takes Steps Toward An Ad Network

With its recent acquisition of Bizo, LinkedIn is building out what some say will be one of the more powerful ad networks available, giving it the opportunity to further cement itself as the premiere platform for business-to-business marketing. LinkedIn will be able to sell B2B ads that exist on either end of the purchase funnel: highly targeted, off-site display ads for direct response purposes and in-stream, native ads for branding.

Spreading Word Of LinkedIn For Journalists

LinkedIn has seen membership grow from 32 million members in 2008 to 300 million in 2014. One part of that strategy is inviting journalists into a group called LinkedIn for Journalists, which boasts more than 55,000 members.

LinkedIn Courting Auto Advertisers

As LinkedIn evolves from a job networking site into a professional publishing platform, it wants to expand its ad base as well beyond the B2B category. To that end, the company is touting research indicating the site’s audience is a natural fit for auto advertisers.

Watch Out, CNBC–Here Comes LinkedIn TV