Diageo Is NFL’s First Liquor Sponsor

Diageo and the NFL have completed a comprehensive spirits marketing pact, which will be the league’s first sponsorship in that category. Sources said that Diageo gets exclusivity across spirits broadly, but the sponsorship will be used to market three main Diageo brands: Smirnoff vodka, Captain Morgan flavored rum and Crown Royal whiskey. One agency source estimated the all-in cost at $30 million per year, with around half of that being rights fees.

The NFL Lifts Its Liquor Ad Ban

The liquor industry is finally ready for some football. Whiskey, vodka, rum and other spirits will be allowed to advertise in NFL games this season for the first time according to new league rules that give liquor a boost in its long quest to be seen as socially acceptable as beer.

Liquor Ads Winning Airtime On Network TV

ABC, CBS and NBC in recent months have begun airing spots for Captain Morgan rum, Grey Goose vodka, Jack Daniel’s whiskey and other brands on latenight television. The broadcasters are easing decades-old voluntary bans that limited their national alcohol advertising to beer and wine. The move lets them tap a new stream of revenue.

Hard Time: Liquor Advertising Pours Into TV

Once taboo, commercials for Wild Turkey, Jagermeister, Skinny Girl and more hit cable and broadcast.


Discovery’s Bourbon Deal Leaves Bad Taste

Discovery Channel once took great pride in ambitious programs that enlightened audiences about the mysteries of Earth. Now it takes great pride in being the first television network to carry ads for Maker’s Mark bourbon. Discovery had revenue of almost $3.8 billion last year. Surely it can grow that number without giving its viewers and its brand a hangover.