Lisa LaFlamme

After News Anchor’s Long Career, She Found Herself Focus Of The Story

Lisa LaFlamme was dismissed after a decades-long TV career, not long after she stopped dyeing her hair, setting off debates across Canada about sexism, ageism and going gray.

A TV Anchor Is Ousted And Viewers Ask If Sexism Is To Blame?

The chief executive of a Canadian news network pushed back against allegations that sex, age or gray hair were factors in the abrupt dismissal of the veteran journalist, Lisa LaFlamme.

Firing Of TV Anchor Stirs Debate About Sexism, Ageism In Canada

For years, until her unceremonious firing earlier this week , Lisa LaFlamme was a fixture in living rooms across Canada. The abrupt dismissal of one of the country’s most prominent TV anchors — who covered the biggest stories of her time, including elections, wars and natural disasters — has prompted a widespread backlash and a national conversation about sexism and age discrimination in the media.

Commentary: The Business Of Journalism Is Ruthless. Lisa LaFlamme Is Just The Latest Casualty

Lisa LaFlamme Forced Out As Chief News Anchor At Canada’s CTV Network