John Lomax Means Mornings In Cincinnati

The 61-year-old anchor has been with WKRC for more than 29 years and has gotten up early for Good Morning Cincinnati since 1990, back when radio was the main source of early news. That’s just one of the myriad of changes he’s been witness to.


Dave Ward Eats, Sleeps & Breathes Houston

The anchor has been with ABC O&O KTRK since 1966, and remains an iconic newscaster who still delivers No. 1 ratings in the No. 10 DMA. At 73, he’s got no plans to go anywhere else. “They’ll probably carry me out of here feet first,” he says.


A Lifelong Passion For Kansas City And News

Knowing what he wanted to do at the age of 10, Larry Moore has been a TV journalist since 1968, helping take a “pretty bad” KMBC to the top of the ratings in Kansas City. And that’s where he and the station have stayed since, weathering a host of technological changes and innovations that have come since.


Long Career From Long-Range Forecasts

When he first went on the air to forecast weather in Cleveland in 1961, Dick Goddard had to draw his own weather maps with chalk. The technology has advanced a bit since then, and Goddard has too, becoming a local icon in the Lake Erie area with his reports at 6 and 10 p.m. on WJW.