Stations ’12 Online Rev To Soar 35% To $2.7B

A new Borrell Associates study commissioned by TVB finds that TV stations’ local online ad revenue soared 41% to $1.97 billion last year, and will increase another 35% to $2.7 billion this year. The study also found that the average station garnered $858,256 in online sales last year.


In Raleigh, Role Reversal For TV, Paper Sites

In Raleigh-Durham, N.C., it’s the top TV station, WRAL, and not the newspaper that is the leader in a busy local online scene. And with a trio of colleges in the market, entertainment and sports are huge traffic drivers.


San Fran Sites Battle for Tech-Savvy Users

The Bay area is home to Silicon Valley and the tech-savvy market was an early Internet adopter. One of the nation’s longest established newspaper sites,, rules the roost here, but its rivals and some hyperlocal newcomers have made San Franciso-Oakland-San Jose a competitive market.