Locast’s David Goodfriend: On The Five Spot

The former Clinton aide and Dish attorney is the latest to go head-on against the major broadcast conglomerates over OTA streaming. You might want to bet on the defendant this time.

Locast Launches In Puerto Rico

Locast, a free streaming app offering access to local broadcast television, is now offering a dozen local TV channels via the internet across Puerto Rico. The nonprofit said the timing of the launch should help the U.S. territory keep its citizens informed during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and the incoming summer hurricane season.

Gigi Sohn Joins Locast Board

Gigi Sohn, former adviser to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and before that head of fair use advocates Public Knowledge, has joined Locast’s board of directors. Locast streams TV station signals online, using a copyright carveout to do so without having to seek permission from the station or pay a license fee, which Locast argues is essentially a “fair use” of the signals under the law, though the TV networks see it differently.

Locast Heading To Puerto Rico

The free TV station signal streaming service says it will be streaming a dozen local TV channels in Puerto Rico later this year.

Free Locast Now Has 1M Registered Users

The free live TV streaming service that launched in January 2018 in New York City offering access to 15 over-the-air TV stations including ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates, says it now has 1 million registered users after expanding to Denver, Atlanta, Phoenix, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York and South Dakota.. Locast did not say how many of them are donating to Locast but a million users is a good base to start with.


Locast Adds Sioux City To Its Portfolio

Viewers in Sioux City, Iowa (DMA 148), can now get free broadband access to 20 local TV channels — though Locast solicits contributions to cover expenses. The new is the 17th for station streaming service that claims over 1 million sign-ups.

Locast Funding Push On Slow Track

The effort by TV signal streamer Locast.com to raise $500,000 to fight a lawsuit filed by the broadcast networks has so far raised only a fraction of its goal. Almost a a month in, Locast’s gofundme page has raised only $10,948, and only about $1,000 in the past 10 days.

Locast Launches GoFundMe Page To Fight Nets

The streaming service has created a legal defense fund to battle CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC to “protect streaming of local broadcast TV.”

Locast: Big 4 Nets ‘Waited Too Long’ To Sue

David Goodfriend, founder of controversial not-for-profit outfit Locast, said the parent companies of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox “waited too long” to sue him over the alleged theft of their signal. He also questioned why they didn’t seek a temporary restraining order to halt the two-year-old company’s operations, as they did in the case of Aereo years earlier.

Broadcasters Move To Kill Locast Counterclaims

The Big Four networks have opened another front in their battle with Locast, the startup behind a free service that streams local TV signals in several large U.S. markets. In their latest move, ABC, NBCUniversal, CBS and Fox have urged a New York court to dismiss recent counterclaims filed by Locast and to instead focus on what the broadcasters claim to be Locast’s “wholesale violation of the Copyright Act.”

DMAS 10 & 11

Locast Adds Atlanta And Phoenix

Streamer Locast Sues Big 4 Networks

The streamer alleges that ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are engaged in sham copyright litigation and are colluding to deny consumers over-the-air signals they once committed to make freely available.


Jessell | Court Should Quash Retrans-Killer Locast

How does Locast think it can get away with retransmitting broadcast signals to smartphones and smart TVs without compensating broadcasters? By claiming to be a nonprofit. But I expect that a federal judge will see through that fiction and find that it is nothing more than a front for Dish and AT&T’s DirecTV.



ABC, CBS, Fox And NBC Sue Over Locast

The broadcasters aim to shut down the digital app service that has attracted tens of thousands of users and is threatening billions of dollars in retransmission contracts.

AT&T Donates $500,000 To Locast

Locast, the free TV station streaming service, has gotten a big financial boost from AT&T, which said Thursday it was contributing a half a million dollars to the service’s nonprofit parent, the Sports Fans Coalition New York.

Locast: 25,000+ People Registered, 0 Lawsuits

Locast, a startup that provides streaming access to local TV channels in a growing number of markets, continues to succeed where others, such as Aereo and Ivi, crashed and burned. It’s still early days, but Locast appears to have found a way to stream access to those channels without having to dodge the crushing legal hammer of powerful U.S. broadcasters.

Locast Expands Outlets For Free Online TV

Locast, the free over-the-air broadcast TV streaming service, said it has added iPad, Apple TV and Android TV to the devices/platforms on which it is now available. That is in addition to Apple iOS, Android, Roku and Hopper, as well as various browser platforms. Locast, which launched last year, does not have to get a TV station’s permission.


Jessell | The Ergen-Locast Link And Other Vital Matters

A smorgasbord of topics this week: (1) I don’t know it for a fact, but I know that it’s true that Charlie Ergen is the money behind Locast, the OTT service that is streaming local broadcast signals. (2) Retrans is also under attack from STELAR, the law that empowers satellite operators to import distant signals of network O&Os into areas where subscribers cannot receive local affiliates off air and is up for renewal. (3) With the emergence of the new Fox Corp. this week, a forecast finds that most of its broadcast fee growth will come from reverse comp. (4) A tip of the hat to FCC Comish Michael O’Rielly for taking on the Justice Department, which has been stepping on the FCC’s turf regarding local TV ownership rules.

Streamer Locast Would Love To Get Sued

Structured as a nonprofit, the start-up that streams over-the-air TV signals started by lawyer David Goodfriend aims to succeed where Aereo was litigated into oblivion. By giving away TV, Goodfriend is undercutting the licensing fees that major broadcasters charge the cable and satellite companies — a sum that will exceed $10 billion this year.

Watching TV Is Free And Easy With Locast

A nonprofit called Locast, available in seven major U.S. cities, beams popular networks to phones, TVs and computers. It’s like the online version of a TV antenna, free and easy to use.  It’s like an app version of a $50 antenna you can get from Best Buy, and it’s free and easy to use.


Locast Streaming Service Launching In Houston

Locast, the local TV station streaming service, is adding its third market, Houston, as of Aug. 20, according to the Sports Fans Coalition New York, the nonprofit behind the service. Locast launched Jan. 11 in New York without the knowledge or consent of, or compensation to, the 13 TV stations, including stations owned by the Big Four networks, whose signals it is delivering free to fixed and mobile broadband devices. It is relying on copyright law that allows a nonprofit to retransmit local TV station signals without getting a copyright license.

Streaming Service Locast Expanding

Locast, which is providing free over-the-top access to New York TV station over-the-air signals, is extending its reach, a move that could finally draw a response from broadcasters, sports leagues or studios, who have yet to respond legally or otherwise.

‘Locast’ Streaming Service Targets Stations

There’s a new over-the-top streaming service in town, but this one has a twist: it’s streaming over-the-air broadcast feeds of 13 New York City-area stations for free.