ESPN’s Early Season Baseball Schedule Will Be The Sho Show, Featuring Shohei Ohtani And Dodgers

BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — ESPN’s early season baseball schedule will be the Sho Show. Shohei Ohtani and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be featured on two of ESPN’s first three […]

Ohtani’s Payday Fueled By Dodgers’ Lucrative Local TV Business

In the days leading up to the Dodgers’ historic $700 million signing of Shohei Ohtani, baseball’s hot stove season had been in the grips of a cold snap, as uncertainty over the future of the RSN model seemed to keep GMs in a state of suspended animation. As it happens, Ohtani’s blockbuster payday wouldn’t have been possible without the club’s wildly lucrative local-TV business, an irony that only serves to accentuate the magnitude of the chasm separating the haves from the have-nots. (Ashley Landis/AP)

Charter Licenses Dodgers RSN To AT&T

Charter Communications and AT&T have finally reached an agreement on the latter’s carriage of regional sports network SportsNet LA, breaking an impasse that started in 2014.


KTLA To Broadcast Five L.A. Dodgers Games

Justice Settles Suit Against AT&T, DirecTV

The U.S. Department of Justice filed court papers on Thursday indicating that it has reached a deal with AT&T and DirecTV to resolve an antitrust lawsuit that accused the companies of sharing information during negotiations to carry SportsNet LA, the regional sports network holding the exclusive rights to telecast live Los Angeles Dodgers games in the L.A. area. The proposed deal contemplates future restrictions on what MVPDs are allowed to exchange with each other.

AT&T, Justice Nearing Settlement On Dodgers

AT&T is negotiating a settlement with the U.S. Justice Department to resolve allegations that DirecTV executives improperly colluded with other pay-TV providers three years ago, effectively blocking carriage of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ television channel in Southern California. A settlement could come in the next two weeks.


KTLA To Simulcast 10 L.A. Dodgers Games

Charter Communications’ Spectrum Networks will broadcast 10 Los Angeles Dodgers games on Tribune Broadcasting’s KTLA Los Angeles (DMA 2). Spectrum SportsNet LA’s simulcast game coverage on KTLA will begin with […]


Dodgers’ TV Blackout Enters Fourth Season

For the fourth consecutive year, the Dodgers’ television broadcasts could go unseen by a majority of fans in the Los Angeles area. Charter Communications said Monday it does not anticipate reaching agreements with DirecTV or any other cable or satellite provider to carry the Dodgers-owned SportsNet LA channel by the time the regular season starts April 3.

Justice Sues AT&T-DirecTV Over Dodgers Ch.

The U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday took the extraordinary step of suing AT&T, alleging that its DirecTV unit orchestrated an illegal campaign to block wide carriage of SportsNet LA,  the regional sports channel owned by the Los Angeles Dodgers.


KTLA To Air Vin Scully’s Final Dodgers Games

As Vin Scully’s time in the booth winds down, Charter Communications has set a deal with Tribune’s KTLA Los Angeles to simulcast six Los Angeles Dodgers games, briefly lifting the TV blackout for local fans who don’t have access to the team’s SportsNet LA channel.

TWC Gives Up On Dodgers Ch. Negotiations

Time Warner Cable conceded Thursday that it has failed in its efforts to win broad distribution for SportsNet LA, the TV channel owned by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Time Warner Cable made several pitches this month to other pay-TV providers — including AT&T’s DirecTV and Cox Communications — hoping to entice them to sign up for the Dodgers channel in time for the baseball season, which begins Monday.


TWC Sweetens Deal Again For Dodgers

TWC CEO Hopes To Score Dodgers Deals In ’16

Charter’s First Dodgers Telecast Scores Big

Television viewership soared for Tuesday’s Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game in the inaugural telecast for the team-owned SportsNet LA channel on Charter Communications cable systems.


Charter To Offer Dodgers Network To Subs

Charter Communications intends to make SportsNet LA, the regional sports network that offers Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games, to its subscribers in a few weeks’ time, potentially ending a year-long showdown that has left nearly 70% of Los Angeles-vicinity TV subscribers without access to the team.

Dodgers Blackout Could Weaken Team’s Grip

Standoff Over Dodgers TV Goes Into Extra Innings

TWC Looks To Take $1B Loss For Dodger Deal

Time Warner Cable is expected to shoulder the burden of its bad deal to acquire TV rights to Los Angeles Dodgers games by writing down the value of the asset by up to $1 billion, sources say. Time Warner Cable and Dodgers fans are facing a second season of silence from West Coast TV distributors who, so far, are balking at the price for carrying Time Warner Cable’s SportsNet LA, which carries the Dodgers games exclusively.

Dodgers Fans Face 2nd Season With No TV

When the Los Angeles Dodgers take the field Wednesday against the Chicago White Sox in Arizona for their first spring training game, they’ll be invisible to most TV fans back home. For a second straight year, a dispute over the subscriber fees sought by Time Warner Cable, which operates the Dodgers’ SportsNet LA, is blacking out games to more than 60% of Los Angeles-area viewers.


MSO Rift May Shut Out Dodgers Fans Again

For a second consecutive year, it appears the Dodgers will begin the season in complete TV meltdown, their games hidden from 70% of their fans, their brand slowly wilting with no help in sight. No, there is still no deal between Time Warner Cable and DirecTV. No, there is no resolution expected until at least the middle of the summer.

Pay TV Takes Stock Of Dodgers Fiasco

Pay TV distributors are hoping the debacle over the Dodgers cable channel — which generally wasn’t picked up — will be a turning point in a wider debate over sports programming costs.


For KDOC, Dodgers-TWC Deal A Big Windfall

The Los Angeles Dodgers may have clinched the NL West title, but nobody is winning in the ongoing issues that have prevented most residents from watching the season on television. Nobody except, perhaps, local KDOC. TV viewers are flocking to the station as it carries the final Dodgers games of the regular season, and the additional viewership has been a ratings boon for an outlet best known for its reruns of popular TV shows like Seinfeld and Rules of Engagement.


KDOC In Deal To Carry Final Dodgers Games

With much of Los Angeles unable to view Dodgers games throughout the season, Time Warner Cable on Monday said it has reached a deal with L.A. independent station KDOC to carry the final six regular season games. The Dodgers are in a race for the National League West division championship.

Mayor Seeks FCC Help On Dodgers Impasse

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is asking the FCC to examine the stalemate between Time Warner Cable and other pay TV operators that’s prevented much of the region from watching Dodgers baseball this season.

Dodgers Row Fuels Comcast-TWC Concerns

A fee dispute between Time Warner Cable and its competitors that has left Los Angeles Dodgers games blacked out for most fans is threatening to undermine the merger of the nation’s two largest cable television companies.

Regulators Ready To Face Dodgers Dispute

he impasse over rights to the Los Angeles Dodgers, which has left 70% of television viewers in the market unable to access broadcasts of the hometown baseball team’s games, indicates that there may just be a limit to the stratospheric cost of sports rights.

Wheeler Annoyed With Time Warner Cable

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is now telling Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus personally that “your actions appear to have created the inability of consumers in the Los Angeles area to watch televised games of the Los Angeles Dodgers.” In a business where finger-pointing is considered the sport of kings, that’s a pretty harsh blow from an industry regulator — it’s not often that an external agency directly apportions blame, but wrangling over costs or no, Wheeler is making an example of TWC in its dispute with the SportsNet LA, the network owned by Dodgers

Vin Scully To Return For 66th Season in LA

The 86-year-old Hall of Fame announcer will return for his record 66th season with the team in 2015. The announcement was made on the Dodger Stadium video board in the second inning of Tuesday night’s game against Atlanta. Scully’s consecutive years of service make him the longest-tenured broadcaster with one team in sports history. He calls all nine innings of the team’s home games and road games in California and Arizona for the Dodgers’ new television home on SportsNet LA, while the first three innings of his games are simulcast on the radio.

TWC Agrees To Dodgers TV Arbitration

Time Warner Cable is willing to let an arbitrator determine a fair price for SportsNet LA in the hopes of resolving its dispute with DirecTV and other pay TV providers over distribution of the Dodgers-owned channel.

Lawmakers: FCC Should End Dodgers Snafu

A group of Southern California lawmakers wants the FCC to broker a deal to end the bitter standoff between Time Warner Cable and other pay TV providers over distribution of SportsNet LA, the new channel that is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Dodgers Dispute: Defining Moment In TV?

No progress has been made in the standoff between Time Warner Cable, which is distributing the new Dodgers-owned channel SportsNet LA, and area pay-TV providers including DirecTV, Dish Network, Charter Communications and Cox Communications.

L.A. Dodgers See TV Numbers Fall

Little Progress In DirecTV-TWC Dodger Talks

While the two companies are still talking, DirecTV and Time Warner Cable are still very far apart on a deal to carry SportsNet LA, the new television home for Dodger baseball.

TWC Says Dodgers Ch. Talks With DirecTV Are Over


Most Dodger Fans Won’t Get Games On TV

About 70% of L.A.’s TV market won’t see Dodger games on SportsNet LA because pay-TV distributors are balking at the cost of carrying the new channel.

Pay TV Balks At Price Of The Dodgers

The Wall Street Journal reports that only one major pay-TV distributor has agreed to carry SportsNet LA, the new L.A. Dodgers-owned cable channel. Other distributors say the carriage fee is simply too high. WSJ subscribers can read the story here.

Larry King To Host Show For Dodgers Network


Fans May Lose In Fight Over Dodgers’ New TV Home

TWC Ready To Play Hardball Over Dodger Channel

Orel Hershiser Joining Dodgers TV Team