GOP Senators Urge FCC Crackdown On Social

Digital rights groups and the ad industry view President Trump’s recent order regarding social media as a threat to the First Amendment. But four Republican senators said Tuesday the order marks an “important step” to addressing “censorship” by social media companies.

ABC’s Karl Calls Rubio’s Tweet On Media Outrageous, Hurtful

NEW YORK (AP) — The president of the White House Correspondents’ Association on Monday called on Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to apologize for a tweet saying some media members “can’t […]

Chuck Todd To Moderate GOP Town Hall With Rubio

Rubio Tops National TV Political Ad Spend

Marco Rubio — and his super PAC — have spent more on national TV media than all presidential candidates. Since December 2015, “Marco Rubio for President” has placed $675,825, while his political action committee, “Conservative Solutions PAC,” has spent $966,021, according to

Jeb Bush Loses TV Ad Edge To Marco Rubio

Rubio’s campaign is getting twice the ads for half the price of Bush’s super PAC, undercutting his rival’s cash advantage. According to media buyers and a Politico review of TV ad purchase data, Bush and his allies are on pace to spend $5 million more than Team Rubio on broadcast, cable and radio ads through the first four voting states — but for that sum, they will put fewer ads on the airwaves.

Univision Denies It Tried To Coerce Senator

The Univision television network denied allegations yesterday that it told Republican Sen. Marco Rubio it might not broadcast a story about a relative’s decades-old drug conviction if he appeared on its news programs.

Univision’s War With Sen. Marco Rubio

The senator’s staff and Univision insiders say the network tried to pressure him into appearing on a show by offering to soften a story about his brother-in-law.