Are The Editors High? Why Trendy News Features On Pot Are A Bad Idea

The legalization of marijuana in several states has sparked a brand-new genre of mainstream media feature reporting: in-depth exploration of all the fun things readers can do while under the influence.

Pot Backer Who Quit TV Job Fights Subpoena

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — An Alaska television reporter who quit her job with a four-letter tirade during a live newscast after revealing she supported pot legalization is fighting a subpoena […]

Are Americans Ready For Marijuana Ads?

Whether one’s attitudes about marijuana cleave closer to Nancy Reagan or Cheech and Chong, there’s no denying that the drug’s bad reputation is slowly burning off. Seventeen states have decriminalized pot, 18 now allow its consumption for medical reasons, and two have conferred upon their citizens the freedom to toke up for any old reason they please. If the history of free enterprise is any guide, it’s pretty easy to guess where things go from here. Legal pot will become branded pot, and branded pot will be advertised pot. Or will it? According to the results of a study released today by The Partnership at, while most Americans seem willing to accept legalized marijuana under specific circumstances, they are nearly united in opposing its marketing.


Why Stations Should Be Wary Of Legal Pot

As personal marijuana use becomes decriminalized in the states of Washington and Colorado, we once again repeat our warning to broadcasters who may be looking to pot sales as a new source of advertising revenue. Broadcasters are federal licensees. Thus, there still is a concern that advertising for an activity that is considered a felony under federal law might present problems if a license renewal is challenged or a complaint is filed.

Are Medical Marijuana Ads Legal?