Mario Batali Faces New Legal Challenge

A Boston woman is suing celebrity chef and former host of ABC’s The Chew and Iron Chef America regular, claiming he groped her at a bar. At least seven women have already accused Batali of alleged inappropriate touching in public, causing him to lose his television jobs.

Batali Fired By ‘The Chew’ After Sex Allegations

‘Chew’ Co-Host Batali Out Amid Allegations

Mario Batali has abruptly exited as co-host of ABC’s The Chew amid sexual harassment allegations leveled against the celebrity chef and restaurateur. Food Network has also put on hold plans to relaunch the series that made him a TV star, Molto Mario. The online site Eater New York, part of Vox Media, reported Monday that the incidents involve at least four women, three of whom worked for Batali. One of women, none was named in the story, said that Batali groping her chest after wine had spilled on her shirt. Another said he grabbed her from behind and holding her tightly against his body.

Mario Batali Returns To Food Network