What The Media Has Learned Since Columbine

After that school shooting, the media faced criticism for focusing on the assailants rather than on the victims. A lot has changed since 1999 — except the need to cover the tragedies.


How The Media Is Becoming Accustomed To Tragedies Like Boulder

Journalists have gotten proficient at covering mass shootings because they happen far too often. But they haven’t treated them as just another day.


How El Paso Stations Covered The Killing

In the country’s 85th television market, El Paso, when a major breaking news story like this one happens, it can put enormous pressure on the TV stations there to adequately cover the story. Here’s a picture of how the local stations and their owners responded.

Changing The Channel On Shooting Coverage

News outlets have been dominated by coverage of the shootings that killed 31 people in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Editors at The New York Times discovered the extent to which nerves are frayed when they put together the newspaper’s Tuesday edition.

Ky. Governor: Zombie TV Shows Among Causes Of Mass Shootings

How To Be More Respectful After Shootings

L.A. Stations Follow Shooting On Air, On Web

News producing stations in Los Angeles are supplementing their on-air coverage of yesterday’s mass shooting in nearby San Bernardino with stories from all angles on their digital media. Here’s the latest from KABC, KCBS, KNBC, Fox’s KTTV, Tribune’s KTLA, Univision’s KMEX and Telemundo’s KVEA.