ACA’s Polka: Cable TV Business Is Failing

During a wide-ranging, even soul-searching conversation on C-SPAN, American Cable Association President Matt Polka said the business of providing TV service “isn’t what it used to be … and as a business it is failing.” Polka was interviewed for C-SPAN’s Communicators series in an episode that aired June 3, with reairings June 5 on CSPAN2.

ACA ‘Appalled’ At Lack Of Retrans Reform

The American Cable Association lashed out at FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s announcement that his agency will not change rules governing broadcast retransmission licensing negotiations. “ACA is shocked and appalled that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who has placed such urgency in reducing consumer confusion in the marketplace, has decided to leave unchanged the retransmission consent regime,” said ACA President and CEO Matthew Polka, in a statement.


ACA Asks FCC To Block Sale of KTKA Topeka

The cable trade group alleges that the ABC-NBC-Fox triopoly resulting from the sale would give New Vision Television undue bargaining power in its retrans negotiations with cable and satellite operators and ultimately drive up cable rates for consumers.